While appearing on The Locker Room, independent wrestler Bin “The Hacker” Hamin provided insight on to how much income mid-car talents on the WWE roster are currently making. According to Hamin, the average salary comes out to around $166,000 per year, which is a huge drop from what they used to pay talents back in 2010.

“I heard that – this is 2010-ish, right. Guys were making maybe six grand a week with TV and house shows. Mid-card guys that I know, ex-OVW talent. Now I heard that number’s down to maybe three grand, $3,200 a week. So just look in that six-year range, maybe 2010, 2012, 50% pay reduction plus house shows are down so any bonuses along that way.”

(Thanks to Brad Shepard of BodySlam.net for the above quote)

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Steve Carrier

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