An individual who felt that Enzo Amore was wrongfully terminated today from WWE has opened a petition to have the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion re-instated via The

Matt B. claims that WWE didn’t go through the proper channels before releasing him from the company and demands that he be re-instated until the police investigation is completed.

“WWE has violated the due process rights of Mr. Arndt. Even if Mr. Arndt is guilty of raping the accuser in this instance, he deserves (and has the right to) respond to this charge (under American law). WWE did not give Mr. Arndt the opportunity to do so.”

The petition continued, “We the undersigned strongly urge World Wrestling Entertainment to immediately reinstate Eric “Enzo Amore” Arndt to a WWE contract (pending the outcome of the police investigation into this matter).”

You can check out the full petition at this link.

Update: This isn’t the only petition to have Enzo re-instated. Another one has popped up at this link.

Do you feel that Enzo was wrongful terminated from WWE and they should have waited for the final outcome of the police investigation? Sound off in the comment section below…

Steve Carrier

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