Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – Real Feelings About Being Shunned From RAW25, Forgiving & Forgetting, No Attitude Era Without Russo, More!

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Russo opens today’s show by informing that he’s going to be a Grandfather for the first time. He’s very excited about this news and he thanks all of his fans for sending him so many kind messages on social media. He points out that news like this really helps you put life in perspective.

Russo mentions that a lot of his fans accused him of “working” them over the last couple of weeks as he refused to speak about RAW25. These fans assumed that Russo was invited to attend the event all along and he was refusing to speak about it in order to keep it a secret. That way, when he arrived at RAW25 it would be a huge surprise.

He says that this was never the case, and there were never any conversations between him and WWE about returning to the company for the one-night-only event. He points out that he hates to leave his house to travel these days, but a part of him really hoped that WWE would do the right thing in this case by extending an invitation to him and Ferrara.

Russo says that whether you like it or not, there would have been no attitude era without him and Ed Ferrara. He knows that Superstars such as Steve Austin and The Rock played a huge part in WWE’s success at that time as well, but the fact that he and Ferrara were the ones writing the lines for those stars made them an invaluable part of the company at that time in his opinion.

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