The Taz Show Recap – Reigns Attached to Steroid Trial, Negatives of WWE’s Performance Center, Roode Wins United States Title, More!

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Taz opens today’s show by speaking about the United States Title tournament on Smackdown Live. He says  he had no issue with Bobby Roode winning the tournament at all, and he feels that Roode is finally getting universally respected by fans and people within the business.

One thing that Taz noticed was that both Roode and Jinder Mahal wore blue ring gear during the finals of the tournament. He says that this is an issue, and the fault lies on the match’s agent. There’s often a note written in big, bold letters on a whiteboard in the Gorilla position, reminding talents to never wear the same ring gear.

Unfortunately for the wrestlers, you often dress is a different place than your opponent and you don’t see your opponent until you meet in Gorilla before the match. By that point it’s too late to change. Taz points out that in this case, the wrestlers have a very different appearance so the colour of their ring gear didn’t matter as much.

Taz congratulates Ricochet, Candice LeRae, and War Machine for signing WWE developmental contracts. He admits that it bothers him when WWE brings in talented performers who have been very successful on the indies for multiple years, and then sends them to the Performance Center and treats them like rookies.

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