Russo is joined on today’s show by former ECW, WCW and WWE Superstar, Big Vito.

Russo mentions that he has several new year resolutions this year, and he wants to share them with his audience.

First and foremost, he admits that he needs to lose some weight. He says he’s lost weight before when he put his mind to it, so he just needs to start exercising more and eating healthier and he’s sure he’ll shed some weight again.


Additionally, Russo informs that he doesn’t want to be involved with things he doesn’t enjoy anymore. He has spent years of his life on airplanes and watching wrestling  when he had no interest in doing either. He points out that he’ll be 57 years old this month, and he’s sick of wasting his life doing things he doesn’t enjoy.

His third resolution is to find a way to enjoy WWE’s product in 2018. He watches RAW and Smackdown now and is angered by the fact that he wasted hours of his life watching something that isn’t entertaining, and he doesn’t know why he feels that way. His critics say he’s bitter but that couldn’t be farther from the truth in his opinion, because he has no interest in returning to WWE at this point.

He thinks a lot of his disappointment in today’s product comes about as a result of him enjoying wrestling so much when he was growing up, and he has so many great memories from watching enjoyable wrestling content. Today’s product simply doesn’t entertain him in the same way and he thinks that’s why he’s so critical of the product. He admits that he needs to find a way to set aside those feelings and try to enjoy the product for what it is because there’s nothing he can do to change the product at this point.

His last resolution this year is to avoid getting into disputes on social media. He felt like he fell into this trap too many times in 2017, and he knows now that it’s senseless to argue with people who hide behind their keyboards half way around the world.

Russo points out that some people can spend their entire lives reaching for the top of the mountain in their careers, and he thinks that’s a flawed concept. He points out that you can’t stay on top forever, and when he finally reached the pinnacle in WWE there were plenty of people trying to knock him back down and take his spot. He realized that after accomplishing what he set out to do, there simply wasn’t anything at the top of the mountain.

Vito agrees and feels similarly about his journey to WWE. He points out that even though he made it to the big leagues of wrestling, his fondest memories in the business are of travelling up and down the road with other people who were trying to make a living in the business, living on bologna sandwiches or whatever else they could get their hands on that was cheap.

He thinks most wrestlers remember those times more fondly than their good years in WWE, and it’s almost as if the struggle to make it to the top is more satisfying than actually reaching the top.

Vito informs that he has a couple of resolutions this year as well. First he resolves to have more compassion towards people, and to try to be more understanding in regards to what other people are going through. Sometimes people are too quick to judge others without really knowing the facts of a certain situation.

Secondly, Vito admits that he still has a lot of head issues stemming from his career in professional wrestling, and this often results in him struggling to sleep and having dark thoughts. His goal this year is to maintain those thoughts and to continue to work at getting himself healthy.

That sums up today’s episode of Vince Russo’s The Brand. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya tomorrow for another recap!

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