Conversation With the Big Guy Recap – Relationship with Boogeyman, Women’s Royal Rumble, Will McMahon Sell WWE? More!

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Ryback is joined on today’s show by his co-host Phoenix Marie.

Ryback opens today’s show speaking about his thoughts on former WWE talent, Boogeyman. He says that he and Boogeyman were very close and developed a tremendous friendship from their time beginning together in Tough Enough. He adds that Boogeyman was always in tremendous shape and hasn’t aged a bit even to this day.

Ryback informs that Boogeyman actually lied about his age when he started in the wrestling business because he was 40 at the time, but he claimed to be 30. He looked so good that nobody questioned him. He adds that Boogeyman was a tremendous ‘attraction’ for WWE, and he played that role absolutely perfectly.

Ryback comments on Kalisto being struck in the face with a water bottle after his match on RAW last week. He was very disturbed when viewing this footage, and he felt terrible for Kalisto. He points out that after you finish a match you lie on the mat and you’re relieved because your job is done for the night. The last thing you expect is to get hit in the face by something that was thrown by a fan.

He believes that police have the fan in custody and he believes the fan should spend an extended period of time in jail so he/she can think about how stupid their actions were last Monday night. Ryback believes that fans are entitled to cheering and having fun at WWE events, but the minute they jump the barrier or become involved in the action like this they should be susceptible to severe consequences.

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