Steve Austin Show Recap w/ Elias – Working the Indies & WWE Debut, Dusty Rhodes’ Influence, Who Named His Finishing Move? More!

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Steve Austin welcomes Elias to the show.

Austin informs that for a long period of time when he watched Elias perform on Monday Night RAW, he thought Elias was saying, “Who wants to walk with a lion?” It was only a couple of weeks ago that Austin was watching RAW and he finally understood that Elias was saying, “Elias” and not “A lion”, and he felt very stupid.

Elias informs that he originally came up with the Elias Samson name and he liked it right from the start. He recalls Gerry Brisco telling him that WWE would eventually change that name, and while they made him drop the ‘Samson’ name as well as his ‘Drifter’ nickname upon his arrival to the main roster, he’s happy that he’s been able to hold onto ‘Elias’.

Elias mentions that he was a baseball player growing up, and he played in college as well. Unfortunately he suffered an injury and from that point on he knew that he wanted to pursue professional wrestling. He spent a year and a half training for 4 days a week, and finally he was ready to start working some indie events. Austin points out that Elias’ work looked crisp and tight very early on, so all that time training certainly paid off.

He points out that he wasn’t even paid for his debut match on the indies, and from that point on he was paid $45-50 per show. He was never a big name on the indies so he wasn’t able to demand hundreds of dollars each night, but he was able to support himself with odd jobs on the side, either working at gyms or stocking shelves at retail stores.

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