The Taz Show Recap – Special Guests Jim Ross, Johnny Morrison & Chris Jericho! Cena Money Problems? Jericho Supposed to Win WWE Title at ‘Mania? More!

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Taz welcomes Mike Johnson from PWInsider to the show to start this special 3-hour, 500th episode of The Taz Show.

Johnson informs that Luke Harper was sent home from WWE’s overseas tour on Friday, and WWE reshuffled the weekend shows in order to account for Harper’s absence. Taz says he hopes that everything is okay with Harper physically and with his family back home and Johnson agrees, saying that Harper is the most underrated performer on the roster.

Taz asks Johnson about the news that John Cena is being sued by Ford Motor Company. Johnson informs that those rumours are true and apparently the lawsuit originates from the fact that Cena had a lease of a new Ford sports car which he wasn’t allowed to sell in the first two years. Cena did not oblige by his contract and sold the car quickly, reportedly to pay off some bills.

Taz says this is very strange, and it’s rather shocking to think that someone like Cena is having financial difficulty. He admits that the more money you make, the more you spend.

Johnson informs that Anthem is giving all their current Superstars legal ownership of their characters/gimmicks. This has led to WWE and Matt Hardy bringing the ‘Broken’ gimmick to WWE where it will be slightly altered and referred to as ‘Woken’. Taz thinks this is going to be awesome, and he just hopes that WWE goes full throttle with the gimmick.

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