The Taz Show Recap – RAW Preview, Strowman & Kane Lacking Chemistry, Changes Coming to the Taz Show? More!

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Taz opens today’s show by thanking his fans for sticking with him for 500 episodes, and he was very pleased with how the 500th edition of the show turned out. Chris Jericho was a special guest on the show and revealed why he blocked Taz a couple of years ago. Taz admits to feeling terrible about Jericho being offended by his tweets from 2015, which resulted in Jericho blocking him.

He truly believed that Jericho blocking him was either a mistake or a rib by Jericho, but after realizing that his tweets really hurt Jericho he felt terrible. He’s been thinking about it all weekend and wants to make it known again that he regrets those tweets and points out that he shouldn’t have sent them.

Taz informs that there are a lot of things happening within CBS and their new parent company, Intercom. Taz mentions that things are changing and he may have some very exciting opportunities coming his way in 2018. He can’t speak about anything yet, but he guarantees his fans that if he’s not live everyday doing The Taz Show as we all know it, he’s still going to drop multiple podcasts each week talking wrestling.

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