Russo is joined on today’s show by his co-host Jeff Lane, Kenny Bolin and Big Vito.

Russo says that WWE reached a new low point this past Monday with that sad episode of RAW. The shows have been terrible for months but this episode of RAW was absolutely terrible. Early in the show we got the announcement that Roman Reigns would be defending his Intercontinental Title against Elias, and Reigns’ dialogue in this promo was just brutal. Russo says that he actually likes Reigns a lot, but the dialogue is clearly written by 3rd graders.

He also has no idea why The Miztourage is linked to Elias now all of a sudden just because The Miz ran off to make a movie. Russo says that WWE is clearly just throwing things at the wall week after week, and whatever happens happens.


Lane says that he feels sorry for the people who paid their hard-earned money to go see this show. RAW doesn’t have another PPV until the Royal Rumble and they’re clearly not building towards anything right now. WWE simply took a week off and put a house show on television this week, and it’s a shame because those fans who showed up to the arena were ripped off.

Bolin points out that at one point Seth Rollins was the hottest heel in the company, and he was one of the five biggest stars overall. Nowadays, he’s barely a mid-carder and his promos are cringeworthy. Russo agrees that WWE basically had a star made in Rollins, and somehow they found a way to drop him down the card.

Bolin adds that the best heel in WWE right now is John Cena, WWE just needs to let him show it. When Cena was in OVW he was absolutely hated according to Bolin, and he was never supposed to be the babyface that we ultimately got in WWE. He assumes that WWE is afraid to turn Cena heel now because he does so well with merchandise sales, and heels simply don’t sell as much merchandise.

Russo has no idea how Bray Wyatt continues to cut terrific promos week after week, even though he’s been given the same lame material to work with for the last three years. Bolin points out that all performers want to get themselves over, regardless of the terrible characters or dialogue they’re given. He points out that Damien Sandow is a prime example of this and so is Nick Dinsmore, who portrayed the Eugene character.

Bolin informs that Jim Cornette said that the Eugene character wouldn’t last six weeks and he was clearly wrong about that. Russo informs that during a meeting at Vince McMahon’s house back during the attitude era, Cornette said that Triple H wouldn’t draw a dime in the wrestling business. It’s evident that Cornette has been wrong with some of his predictions in the past.

Russo informs that he actually enjoyed the Intercontinental Title match between Reigns and Elias, and that match was the only good thing on the show in his opinion. Bolin and Vito both liked the match as well,  and while Vito says that this match elevated Elias, Bolin says that if WWE would have booked Elias to win that would have really elevated him.

Russo says that after working with Samoe Joe in TNA, he simply can’t buy Joe as a tough guy and he doesn’t really care for him as a main event talent. He doesn’t know why WWE is wasting everyone’s time with a Reigns/Joe feud for the Intercontinental Title, because there’s no way WWE is ever going to book Joe to defeat Reigns for that Title in his opinion.

Russo and Bolin both agree that Dana Brooke is basically done in WWE after losing to Asuka in seconds this past week. Bolin actually liked that Asuka backed away from Absolution when they surrounded the ring because she was thinking logically in that spot. She might be able to handle Paige 1 on 1, but there’s no way she could handle all three of those women.

Moving over to Smackdown Live, Russo sarcastically says that the impending Mojo Rawley/Zack Ryder feud is going to light the wrestling world on fire. Vito says that this feud will be nothing more than time filler, and Bolin thinks that fans might light their televisions on fire when these two guys actually wrestle.

Russo thinks that WWE is continuing to make Fashion File segments solely to humour themselves at this point. He says that this week’s segment was ridiculous television, and these segments have been completely played out. Bolin also mentions that The Ascension have fallen to the bottom of the card at this point, and they were basically done when they emerged on the main roster claiming to be better than The Road Warriors.

That sums up today’s episode of Vince Russo’s The Brand. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya tomorrow for another recap!

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