Ryback is joined on today’s show by his co-host Phoenix Marie.

A listener writes into the show and asks Ryback to name his favourite WWE storyline that he was a part of. He says he enjoyed specific moments of his WWE career, but he honestly can’t name one storyline that he thought was good from start to finish. He mentions that he enjoyed the ‘bullying’ storyline, but that angle didn’t pay off either.

He thought they did a lot of good things with that storyline and he was proud of a lot of the interviews he did, but before the storyline could naturally conclude he was pulled from it and put right back into another angle with CM Punk.


Another listener writes into the show and asks Ryback which move he considers to be his least favourite to take. Ryback informs that he doesn’t like taking any form of piledriver because there has been too many injuries related to that move over the years. He also has nerve issues in his neck and that makes him even more nervous to take a piledriver. He knows that some guys can deliver that move safely, but the risk simply outweighs the reward in his opinion.

A listener writes into the show and asks Ryback for his opinion on Dave Meltzer. He says he doesn’t know anything about Meltzer other than the fact that he’s never had a match. He thinks it’s funny that grown men are spending hours each day getting mad about the fact that a fake fight didn’t end the way they thought it should. Ryback has never met Meltzer and he’s sure he’s a great guy, but he doesn’t understand the over-analyzation of professional wrestling.

Ryback informs that he still has a free subscription to the WWE Network that hasn’t been cancelled since he left the company. He points out that WWE has been stuck around 1.5 million subscribers for a long time now, and he thinks their flawed system is a big reason for this. WWE promotes a free month for every new subscriber, but the same person can continue to create new emails and sign up with these new emails month after month in order to continue getting the Network for free.

He thought last Sunday’s TLC PPV was an okay show, and he credits WWE for going all out in order to save this show for their fans. The initial card was torn apart by a Meningitis outbreak and this resulted in Kurt Angle’s return to a WWE ring for the first time in 11 years. He thought Angle did a great job and he thought the match was put together in a way that protected Angle, which was good.

Ryback can’t believe that some fans were actually upset that Angle made his entrance through the fans with Rollins and Ambrose wearing a vest. He says that nobody hates wrestling as much as wrestling fans, and this was another example of that. He thought A.J. Styles and Finn Balor put together a great match, and much like Angle, Ryback credits Styles for stepping up and helping to save this show.

WWE has announced that Shawn Michaels will be a special guest referee at the upcoming NXT Takeover show, refereeing the NXT Championship match between Drew McIntyre and Adam Cole. Ryback was excited to hear about Michaels’ return to the ring and he speculates that ticket sales may have been low for this event, sparking WWE to bring Michaels onto the show.

Kevin Owens got into a heated Twitter argument with a fan last week after Owens reportedly ridiculed the fan’s girlfriend for taking a picture of him and his daughter. Ryback says he doesn’t understand why fans can’t just respect the privacy of these performers, especially when they’re with their families. Ryback can understand Owens’ frustration if his little girl was involved in the picture without his permission.

Ryback says he was sad to hear that Impact Wrestling terminated their working relationship with Jeff Jarrett. He was supposed to wrestle Jarrett at the upcoming WrestleCade event, but Jarrett won’t be making that show now apparently. Ryback will now be wrestling Joey Mercury instead.

That sums up today’s episode of Conversation With the Big Guy. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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