X-Pac opens today’s show by speaking about his friend Jeff Jarrett, who appears to be going through a rough patch right now. Video surfaced of Jarrett wrestling intoxicated over the weekend and X-Pac knows that he must really be struggling with something, because he’s a complete professional who grew up and lived his entire life in this business. He hopes that Jarrett gets some help and is able to rebound from this rather quickly.

He points out that while the promoter of this show was put in an awkward position by Jarrett, if someone would have gotten hurt due to Jarrett’s inebriation, that would have been on the promoter for letting Jarrett get in the ring in the first place. X-Pac believes that if a performer shows up to an event intoxicated, they should be immediately sent home.

X-Pac gets into his analysis of Sunday’s TLC event.


To begin, he mentions that it was great to see Kurt Angle return to a WWE ring after 11 years away from the company. Some people criticized the fact that Angle was cleared for this match last minute, even though WWE still won’t allow Daniel Bryan to wrestle, but X-Pac points out that Angle’s situation is very different than Bryan’s.

Angle was cleared by WWE doctors to wrestle, and he had been wrestling on the indies right up until the date he signed with WWE. Bryan has a serious concussion issue and hasn’t been cleared by doctors to wrestle and that’s why we haven’t seen him in WWE. X-Pac points out that WWE also took care of Angle in his first match back because it was easy for him to slide into a match featuring 7 other competitors.

X-Pac liked the opening match of the show between Asuka and Emma. He points out that some people criticized the fact that Emma had a competitive match against Asuka, when they felt Asuka should have squashed Emma. X-Pac thinks that’s silly, and says if there’s a way to simultaneously help two talents at once that’s always the best way to go.

He says that he simply wasn’t interested in the Cruiserweight tag match so he didn’t watch it. He did watch the Women’s Championship match between Alexa Bliss and Mickie James, and that match really exceeded his expectations.

X-Pac wasn’t surprised to see the Cruiserweight Title flip back to Enzo Amore. WWE probably realizes that he’s the one guy who has drawn some attention to 205 Live, and having him carry the Title as a heel allows multiple babyfaces to rise up and challenge him.

He thought the A.J. Styles/Finn Balor match lived up to expectations, and he loved the ‘Too Sweet’ touch at the end. Those two guys were in a tough spot, having to come up with a lengthy match on short notice due to Bray Wyatt’s illness, and X-Pac thought they did a terrific job on this show.

X-Pac is beginning to think that Vince McMahon told Cesaro to delay getting his teeth fixed because it’s been several weeks now since that in-ring accident, and the teeth still are fixed. X-Pac bets that McMahon is seeing dollar signs right now, knowing that he can sell new merchandise and add a whole new element to Cesaro’s character relating to his missing teeth.

He thought the main event match was pretty good and he thought there were a number of cool spots, including Kane pulling the line of chairs down from the roof onto Strowman, and Strowman getting thrown in the back of a garbage truck.

X-Pac thought it was cool to see Alicia Fox win the triple threat match on RAW, winning the captaincy of Team RAW at Survivor Series. He informs that WWE scouted Fox from a modelling agency, and she has turned into a very good talent for someone who never really had any intentions of becoming a professional wrestler.

He wasn’t a fan of WWE feeding Finn Balor to Kane on RAW, but he’s going to give WWE some time to explain their logic in this case. He thought it was very strange that Balor would be utilized in this fashion one night after defeating A.J. Styles at TLC. He understands that Kane needs to be built up for an upcoming feud with Reigns or Strowman, but Balor shouldn’t have been the guy used in that spot.

Speaking about the rumours of Nia Jax’s leave of absence from the company, X-Pac says he doesn’t believe for one second that The Rock encouraged her to walk out, as has been speculated online. He’s not sure what the issue is between Jax and WWE, but he can’t imagine a scenario where The Rock would think her walking away from the company was her best option.

That sums up today’s episode of X-Pac 1, 2, 360. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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