The Taz Show Recap – Disappearance of Factions, 205 Live’s Changing Formula, Where’s Kurt Angle’s Credibility? More!

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Block 1:

Taz opens today’s show speaking about Kurt Angle’s presentation GM of Monday Night RAW. He says that every time we see Angle he’s on his cell phone being threatened, or being threatened in person by talents from RAW’s roster. Taz points out that Angle is a multiple time World Champion and just because he’s wearing a suit, that shouldn’t mean that he can’t stick up for himself. He says it’s vital that WWE creative allows Angle to keep his credibility as a former World Champion.

Taz thought 205 Live’s play-by-play man, Vic Joseph, made a huge rookie mistake this past week. After RAW went off the air on Monday, the entire Cruiserweight roster attacked Amore in the ring and left him laid out. On Tuesday’s episode of 205 Live, the show opened by replaying these events and the entire cruiserweight roster looked like bullies.

Taz points out that those guys weren’t the bullies because Amore initiated the conflict by making fun of each and every one of them. The 205 announce team and Joseph in particular needed to explain this story to the audience at home. Instead they just called wrestling moves, and this did nothing to protect the cruiserweight babyfaces or get heat on the new top heel, Enzo Amore.

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