The Taz Show Recap – Disappearance of Factions, 205 Live’s Changing Formula, Where’s Kurt Angle’s Credibility? More!

Block 2:

Taz says that for the first time that he can recall, 205 Live opened with a lengthy promo this week. The new Cruiserweight Champion cut a promo that bordered on 15 minutes in length and Taz thought this was good. However, for hardcore fans of the cruiserweight division this may have been a kick in the teeth.

In that sense, Taz thinks this was a good way to get heat on Amore, who they’re clearly turning heel now. What bothers Taz about this new 205 Live formula, is that the show is basically turning into a shorter edition of RAW or Smackdown Live. While the show may not have been performing well, it had it’s own brand of action before. Now, it risks turning into a knockoff of WWE’s two biggest brands.

A listener calls into the show and mentions that factions have become a thing of the past in the wrestling business for the most part. Taz agrees and for this reason, he believes The Bullet Club would be a great addition to WWE’s programming. He adds that factions were red hot when he was coming up in the business, and he enjoyed his time in Aces and Eights towards the end of his career.

He continues by saying that with the power of social media today, The Young Bucks and The Bullet Club don’t need WWE. In the past, these talents would have no way of showcasing their skills and getting known without working for a large company like WWE or WCW. Nowadays, with a lot of hard work you can get over on your own.

Written by Brad Tuck

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