Bold Potential Finishes To The Summerslam Main Event

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The Shield Reunite

On Sunday night 2/3 of the Shield reunite as Seth Rollins&Dean Ambrose fight for the RAW Tag Team championship. The story that has unfolded between the two has been outstanding. One notable absentee from said story however is Roman Reigns. The former powerhouse of the Shield obviously has other things to worry about but what if WWE decide to go all in on the Shield this Sunday night?

Reigns could appear defeated by the other three men – much to the fans delight – before the brand new RAW Tag Team champions appear to put a beat down on the injured warriors in the ring. Triple power-bomb to Lesnar, take out either Joe or Strowman and have Reigns spear the remaining star for the 1-2-3. This would have to lead to either a heel turn for the three or WWE will have to place faith in the popularity of the Shield as well as Ambrose and Rollins as individuals to get fans on board with Reigns. On top of this Ambrose and Rollins may seem like inferior to the new Universal champion but WWE will have to make sure that does not end up the case.

In any case all three members of the Shield reuniting will create shock waves even if there is major storyline flaws. If WWE are planning this then they will have to be very careful in how they do it. Otherwise they risk dragging down Seth and Dean in another failed attempt to get Reigns over. This is very possible at Summerslam though and should it happen the possibilities are endless. Regardless if you are a fan of this possibility or not, it would definitely be bold by WWE.

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