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Samoa Joe Chokes Out Brock Lesnar

I am rooting for Samoa Joe this Sunday. He has been an absolute revelation this Summer and is currently WWE’s hottest star. Joe is an immensely talented and scarily intense superstar with the potential to be absolute money for WWE in the next couple of years. If any man wee to walk out Sunday holding the gold through to ‘Mania I would want it to be Joe. If Joe did win however it would be a shock. Especially if it came in the form of defeating the beast himself.

Should Lesnar be choked out by Joe this Sunday, Lesnar and Heyman will remain on TV since they have no excuse to say they were screwed as Lesnar himself took the fall. Joe promised to choke Lesnar out himself at Summerslam. Nobody actually believes Joe’s claims. But what if Joe keeps his word? Joe will get the ultimate rub off of Lesnar as he has done for the past couple of months. He will immediately catch the eye of the mainstream and can finally be a star, a star which WWE are desperately in need of.

The image of Joe standing over the slain beast will be an image that will last for generations and will be talked about among the most jaw dropping and equally as memorable Summerslam moments. Joe deserves this championship run and if it does not come this Sunday Joe will likely wait a long time. Why waste time? Let’s give  Joe the title. If WWE puts faith in Joe to choke out the beast in the middle of the ring people will buy in and it will be unbelievable.

For a more in depth look at why Samoa Joe should capture the Universal Championship check out the article below!

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