Bold Potential Finishes To The Summerslam Main Event

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Braun Strowman Is Victorious

This is much more realistic than the last point. Braun Strowman has been a revelation in the past year. Strowman has shone as a more advanced version of the proverbial ‘big guys’ that graced WWE decades ago. A complete throwback, Strowman has turned many doubters into believers over the past year, myself included. After perhaps having the feud of the year with Roman Reigns it will be hard to find a fan who does not want Strowman to have a run with the Universal Championship, even if that reign began Sunday evening.

Strowman is probably last on everyone’s minds to win this Sunday. Lesnar is the favourite in this match while Joe and Reigns sit behind and Strowman, to most, has the smallest chance. Having this twist would be a shocking if not fantastic end to Summerslam. The match could simply progress as planned and when it comes time Strowman could pin Reigns. This would put the ultimate full stop on their feud. Even more shocking though Strowman could pin Lesnar meaning Heyman’s conspiracy theory is untrue. This would lead to Lesnar having to return to WWE and have his rematches with Strowman.

Strowman will undoubtedly be champion one day. To have his hard work and career defining year peak this Sunday would be a bold yet fantastic move. Strowman is immensely talented with popularity to match. He has the potential to be the top guy on RAW and WWE can send him on the fast lane there with a shock win this Sunday.

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