Bold Potential Finishes To The Summerslam Main Event

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John Cena Confronts Either Joe or Reigns

Following Summerslam John Cena will likely be making his transition to a free agent. This means Cena will be available to both RAW and Smackdown Live whenever the storyline fits for him to be there. Cena is set to be in action at the next RAW branded PPV No Mercy. A world title match may be a huge way to kick off his return to the red brand.

Cena should not face Lesnar again, that rivalry is done. Nor should Cena quite yet face Braun Strowman it seems far to early to give Strowman that feud and likely loss. Reigns and Joe however are far more intriguing options. The ending image for Summerslam would be one of the biggest talking points coming out of Summerslam should cena go face to face with Samoa Joe or Roman Reigns.There is no doubt that Cena-Joe is the bigger dream match with them more potential. But if WWE are intent on having Reigns-Cena then they may as well create a huge moment in the process. While this is not technically a finish for the match depending on the winner having Cena come out could be a  bold and memorable way to finish the PPV itself.

In reality this would not be a great decision but it will create buzz and certainly would be bold. Joe-Cena is a money Wrestlemania match but having the two become bitter rivals over the next few months is very welcome. As for Reigns-Cena, the two are on a collision course, if WWE must do it, they may as well do it now and create as much buzz as they can rather than wasting a main event Wrestlemania spot simply to coronate Reigns once again, this time over Cena.

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