Bold Potential Finishes To The Summerslam Main Event

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Jon Jones Costs Brock Lesnar

Very out of left field but still within the realms of possibility. The bubbling rivalry between Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar has yet to reach a confrontation between the two. Should Lesnar ultimately return for a UFC fight, one has to imagine Jon Jones will be his opponent. So why doesn’t WWE try to capitalise on this rivalry?

Jon Jones is perhaps the greatest MMA fighter of all time. With crossovers between UFC and WWE already showing – e.g Ronda Rousey – Jones will only serve to further that relationship. The camera’s can point out to the audience and viewers that Jones is in the crowd for the main event. We can then see little interactions between Lesnar and Jones throughout the match. Little storytelling tools like a back and fourth verbal spat will do wonders for WWE. The publicity and main stream appeal a name like Jon Jones would bring is huge. Should Jones then ultimately cost Lesnar his title it will send shock waves through the wrestling, MMA and sporting world.

While this is an unlikely ending to the match and PPV it is a mouth watering one. Not only does it further the narrative of WWE’s ‘conspiracy’ against Brock as crafted by Paul Heyman, but it also sets the stage for what could be the biggest drawing fight in UFC history in the coming months should the two put pen to paper. WWE and UFC are unlikely to do business like this. However, this would only serve to benefit all parties plus Jones himself has already expressed interest in a WWE pay-day. If this finish somehow came to fruition, it would go down in the history of WWE and MMA while getting people talking for years to come.

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