WWE Money in the Bank Results – June 18, 2017

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Money in the Bank 2017 opens with a video package, then Charlotte makes her way to the ring.

Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Charlotte Flair Vs. Becky Lynch Vs. Tamina Snuka Vs. Natalya Vs. Carmella

The bell rings and they all stand around, looking at each other. Tamina and Becky remain in the ring while Charlotte, Carmella and Natalya run for ladders. Tamina knocks Becky from the ring, then knocks down every women that tries to send a ladder inside the ring. Tamina is alone in the ring and looks up at the briefcase before being attacked from behind by Charlotte.

Charlotte knocks Tamina down with a big boot, then Carmella too. Natalya catches Becky with a discus clothesline but then Charlotte hits her with a t-bone suplex. Tamina returns and runs through each women, splashing Becky in the corner, hitting Carmella with a Samoan drop, then hitting Nattie with a superkick. Tamina places a ladder between the bottom ropes in the corner, then slingshots Natalya into it!

Tamina then considers setting a ladder up but instead throws it into Becky in the corner but then Charlotte attacks from behind again and into the ladder. Natalya sends Charlotte from the ring, then Becky throws the ladder into Tamina. Becky and Natalya each grab the end of a ladder and struggle over it before working together to hit Tamina in the gut. They continue to struggle over the ladder as a “BECKY” chant erupts from the crowd. Becky runs at Natalya but is caught and scoop slammed onto the ladder. Natalya is alone in the ring.

Natalya climbs the ladder in the centre of the ring and reaches the top before Charlotte comes in and tries to pull her down but Natalya kicks her down twice. Charlotte goes up the ladder a third time but this time she gets underneath Natalya and lands an electric chair drop! Carmella returns as Charlotte stands atop the ladder. Carmella pulls Charlotte down and The Queen gets stuck in a rung. Carmella climbs the opposite side, then Charlotte climbs across from her and they exchange blows until Tamina comes in and tips the ladder over sending them both into the ropes!

Natalya comes in and hits Tamina with a ladder twice. Natalya then gets Becky in the Sharpshooter until Carmella runs in and superkicks her. Charlotte comes back and kicks Carmella before getting suplexed by Natalya. Becky knocks Natalya from the ring before setting up a ladder by herself and starting to climb. Carmella throws Becky into a ladder in the corner but Becky lands on the rungs, only for Carmella to then use the ladder for assistance in a hurricanrana. Carmella is alone and starts scaling the ladder but Charlotte returns and clears the ring. On the outside, Tamina takes out Natalya.

Charlotte is atop the ladder but Tamina climbs up with her and they exchange blows until Tamina headbutt’s Charlotte and they both fall. Charlotte looks to climb the ladder again but Tamina tips the ladder over, then Charlotte spears her out of the ring. Charlotte then rams Tamina into the steel steps, before taking to the top rope and hitting a great dive onto both Natalya and Tamina.

Inside the ring again, Carmella scales the ladder but gets grabbed and powerbombed by Becky. The Lass Kicker climbs the ladder to the cheers of the fans in St. Louis. James Ellsworth comes in and tips the ladder over, sending Becky throat-first into the ropes. Ellsworth then tries to help Carmella to her feet but she is out. Ellsworth decides to climb the ladder himself and get the briefcase and hands it to Carmella!

Winner and 1st Ever Ms. Money in the Bank: Carmella

The referee’s argue on the outside if the decision should stand, meanwhile Carmella sheds a tear in the ring. Ellsworth leaves the ring and announces Carmella as the first-ever Ms. Money in the Bank!

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