WWE Money in the Bank Results – June 18, 2017

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Kick-Off Show

The Money in the Bank 2017 Kick-Off Show begins with the panel of Renee Young, Sam Roberts and Booker T.

We head back to the Social Media Lounge and catch-up with Dasha Fuentes, who will be talking to The Uso’s later in the pre-show.

We see a great video package for the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match, which goes all the way back to The Fabulous Moolah, to chronicle the evolution of women’s wrestling. Naomi has joined the panel and she says the match is really exciting. Sam Roberts says Naomi cannot be happy that this is how the next number one contender is decided, because it puts her at a disadvantage. Naomi says she feels prepared and, as a Champion, she’s ready for all challenges. Bookert T asks Naomi about facing Lana, and how scary it is facing the unknown. Naomi says she isn’t scared but she isn’t underestimating Lana because she’s been with Rusev a long time and probably learned a lot. Naomi reiterates that she is excited by the new challenges that can improve her as Champion. Renee announces that the women’s ladder match will open the PPV! Naomi says anyone is capable of winning.

The Uso’s are in the Social Media Lounge and the first question asks what “Day One-Ish” means – they say it’s about crawling through the mud and still coming out on top, and if you don’t get it, you aren’t it. They’re asked about the best tag teams ever, to which they say The Hart Foundation, Demolition, Harlem Heat, and then Jey says The Hardy Boyz – to which Jimmy says they don’t want none and challenge them to a match down the road. Dasha wishes them luck in their match tonight.

Back with the panel, Booker T says that The Uso’s have all the potential to be better than him and his brother in Harlem Heat. He encourages them to keep going and kill it. Booker says you gotta have the attitude that you are number one, better than every “sucka”, and The Uso’s have that feeling of invincibility. Sam Roberts says he doesn’t think it will be easy for The Uso’s against New Day, however he feels that Big E, Woods, and Kingston are taking The Uso’s lightly. Both Sam and Booker are predicting The Uso’s will retain the titles, although Roberts says it depends on how focuses New Day are.

The panel start talking about Naomi Vs. Lana. They debate if it’s OK for Lana to just walk-in and get a title shot, as well as whether or not Lana stands any chance. Booker echoes Naomi and says that being around Rusev has surely taught her a lot because he is a beast. Regardless, Booker and Renee reckon Lana will lose but Sam thinks Naomi is taking it too lightly and will slip.

We get a video of Jinder Mahal’s title win and the media coverage it has received in India. The panel discuss whether or not Randy Orton has been at his best recently and they agree he has not. They talk about Jinder not feeling appreciated or accepted as Champion but Renee says that should not matter when you have the title. Booker thinks Jinder will prove himself again tonight and retain the title. Roberts and Renee both think the hometown advantage will put Randy over and give him his 14th World Championship.

The Hype Bro’s Vs. The Colons

Ryder gets straight into things with Epico as the Colon shoulder checks Ryder and kicks him to the face. However, a drop kick from Ryder soon turns things around.

Mojo is tagged in and starts with some good shoulder tackles but is eventually dragged to his opponents’ corner. However, Primo’s consequent shots seem to do nothing to Rawley as he shakes it off to deliver a body slam. Primo rolls out of harm’s way as Ryder enters the ring but Broski follows with a kick through the ropes.

Ryder loses control before we go into commercial, however, as one of the Colons send him crashing to the mat by pulling at his injured knee. Epico is in control when we return from commercials as he targets the knee  before eventually tagging Primo in. Primo continues to work the knee of Ryder and keep him away from Mojo.

Epico continues working Ryder’s the knee until Broski makes the hot tag and clears the ring. Primo takes to the top rope but is body slammed on the subsequent dive. Epico stops the subsequent pinfall and Ryder clears him out with a running elbow and evades the other Colon in the corner. Mojo lifts Colon onto his shoulders and they hit the Hype Ryder for the win!

Winners: The Hype Bro’s

We return to the panel, who quickly discuss the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match. Booker reminds us of all the legends who’ve won the briefcase and how it catapulted them to success. Booker thinks AJ Styles will walk out with the briefcase, meanwhile Sam Roberts chooses the ultimate underdog, Sami Zayn. And that’s it for the kick-off show!

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