WWE Money in the Bank Results – June 18, 2017

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Naomi makes her way to the ring and St. Louis feels the glow!

WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship Match
(C) Naomi Vs. Lana

The bell rings and Lana tries to do a sultry dance but Naomi rams her into the corner. The referee pulls Naomi away, allowing Lana to hit a shoulder tackle.

Naomi takes control again with a leg sweep, then kicks her. Naomi takes to the top rope and dives off but nobody is home. Lana kicks Naomi from the ring, then tosses her back inside. Lana applies a rear chin lock but Naomi fights to her feet, only for Lana to slam her to the mat.

Lana hits a snap suplex into the bottom rope, targeting the right leg of Naomi. And another snap suplex into the ropes. Lana bends Naomi’s knee around the bottom rope until the referee calls for the break. Naomi is hung over the middle rope and Lana catches her in the face with her hamstring.


Lana applies a kneebar and does some damage before Naomi fights her way out. Naomi grabs Lana’s hand and hits three head kicks. Lana reverses Naomi and kicks her calf before eating a rear view. Lana rolls from the ring to regroup. Back inside, Lana lifts Naomi and hits her sit-out spinebuster but Naomi kicks-out. Carmella and James Ellsworth make their way to the ring!

Carmella decides not to hand the briefcase over right away and waits until the match ends first. Lana attacks Naomi with some ground and pound, while staring at Carmella. Lana looks for the spinebuster again but Naomi floats over and applies a submission and Lana taps!

Winner: Naomi

Carmella and Ellsworth take the briefcase and leave while talking trash to Naomi, who holds her title high. Lana sits in the ring, holding her arm. Impressive match from Lana.

A Miami Vice-themed edition of The Fashion Files with Breezango airs. They play a VHS tape of two mysterious figures revealing they attacked them on Smackdown. The mystery figures want to meet with Breezango in the ring tonight.

Back ringside, Maria and Mike Kannellis walk out on stage! They introduce themselves, Maria says the First Lady is back in WWE. She talks about searching for the perfect partner the last seven years. Mike says she found him. Maria says they are on Smackdown Live to show everyone about the power of love. Cheesy music plays as they kiss and dance on the stage. Tom Phillips, JBL and Byron Saxton look on confused and talk about the debut. JBL simply says, “He took her name?”

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