WWE Money in the Bank Results – June 18, 2017

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WWE Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Dolph Ziggler Vs. AJ Styles Vs. Sami Zayn Vs. Shinsuke Nakamura Vs. Kevin Owens Vs. Baron Corbin

As Nakamura made his entrance, Corbin ran out from behind and attacked him. Corbin beat Nakamura with a ladder and referee’s came out to stop it. Corbin comes to the ring and the match begins with five guys.

All five men start brawling and it immediately spills out of the ring. Zayn and Owens fight all around ringside until Sami slides back in and hits a dive over the top onto him. On the opposite side of the ring, Corbin and Ziggler team-up and use a ladder to take-out AJ. Dolph pats Corbin on the back but then gets punched. Corbin throws Dolph, then attacks AJ again. Corbin looks to take a ladder into the ring but Ziggler returns and superkicks him. Ziggler sends a ladder into the ring but Zayn kicks him back out.

Zayn looks to set the ladder up but Owens drags it right back out. Sami leaves the ring and clothesline’s Owens before going back into the ring where AJ Styles throws him out. Ziggler tries to put a ladder into the ring but AJ grabs it and shoves it and Ziggler into the announce table. AJ jumps onto the top rope for a springboard but Dolph leaps up and pulls his foot away. Ziggler then looks to jump off of the apron onto Corbin but gets caught with Deep Six on the floor!

Zayn gets onto the apron and hits a springboard moonsault onto Corbin and both men are down. Inside the ring, Owens attacks Styles with the ladder, then Zayn as he reappears. Corbin and Ziggler jump onto the apron and Owens hits them with the ladder. Owens lifts the ladder high and runs at AJ but the Phenomenal One catches him with a drop toe hold! AJ lifts Owens and looks for a Styles Clash but the US Champion tips him over the top rope to the floor.

Zayn returns to the ring and Owens beats him with a ladder again. Owens takes to the top rope but Sami grabs him and tosses him onto a ladder in the middle of the ring! Sami looks to climb using that ladder but it’s too bent. Zayn goes and grabs another ladder but Ziggler interrupts him. Ziggler grabs Zayn and throws him into a prone ladder in the corner.

Zayn and Ziggler both try climbing the ladder and pulling each other down until Ziggler hits Sami with a superkick. Ziggler looks for another superkick but Zayn catches his foot and lands a Blue Thunder Bomb! Zayn climbs the ladder but Corbin greets him halfway up and hits him off of the ladder, then throws him into it! AJ returns and knocks Corbin down before grabbing a ladder and positioning it.

AJ and Corbin meet atop the ladder and brawl until Ziggler climbs over Corbin and knocks AJ down! Corbin pulls Ziggler down before he can reach the briefcase. Corbin starts climbing but Dolph then catches him with a Zig Zag from the ladder! Ziggler climbs up, then Sami follows, as does AJ – Styles stands on the supports! AJ is knocked down and Sami punches Ziggler in the gut, then hits a sunset flip powerbomb!

KO pulls Zayn from the ring and looks for a powerbomb onto the apron but Zayn climbs off. Zayn and Owens starts fighting on the apron until Zayn catches him with a suplex onto the hard apron. Sami starts to climb the ladder again but AJ hits the Phenomenal Forearm! Corbin comes back and beats AJ out of the ring. Corbin sets a ladder from the ring apron to the announce table and grabs AJ but gets kicked in the face. AJ runs at Corbin and leaps onto him but Corbin catches AJ with a chokeslam onto the prone ladder!

Corbin rolls back inside and Sami hits a Helluva Kick out of nowhere! Sami starts climbing and he’s all by himself! Ziggler comes back and Sami kicks him off. Owens comes in and pulls Sami down, then kicks him square in the goads! Owens climbs the ladder and AJ comes back, pulls him down and they trade shots. Both men go to the apron and Owens looks for a powerbomb through the prone ladder but Styles won’t lift. AJ picks Owens up onto his shoulders and AA’s him right onto the ladder!

Styles comes into the ring and sets the ladder up. Styles climbs the ladder but again Dolph appears and this time he pulls the ladder away, leaving AJ hanging from the briefcase. AJ tries hooking the briefcase but eventually he falls and lands hard in the centre of the ring. Corbin comes in and throws Ziggler out and starts climbing fast but Shinsuke Nakamura’s music hits!

Shinsuke comes down and Corbin holds a ladder. Corbin throws the ladder over the ropes but Shinsuke ducks it and slides inside. Nakamura kicks the crap out of Corbin as the fans loudly sing his music! Nakamura places Corbin on the top rope and hits his running knee, then knee’s him out of the ring. Nakamura turns around and kicks a charging Ziggler in the face, then hits two Kinshasha’s in a row! Zayn runs in and Nakamura hits a reverse exploder, then Kinshasha!

Nakamura leaves the ring and grabs a ladder but Owens comes back from the dead and pulls it back. Nakamura slides out of the ring and hits Owens with Kinshasha before sliding back inside and setting the ladder up. AJ Styles slides in and they stand either side of the ladder and stare at each other as the WWE Universe goes wild! They slide the ladder to the side and decide to fight! AJ attacks first and they trade blows back and forth until Nakamura grabs Styles with a sleeper, then turns it into an exploder. Nakamura readies for Kinshasha and runs but AJ hits a Phenomenal Forearm from standing! “This Is Awesome!”

AJ drags the ladder back into the centre of the ring and starts to climb. Nakamura climbs the other side and they meet at the top. They trade punches and the crowd chant for both men. Baron Corbin returns and pushes the ladder over with both men down. Corbin climbs the ladder and unhooks the briefcase!

Winner and New Mr. Money in the Bank: Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin holds his new briefcase high as the other guys look on from around the ring. JBL says that Jinder Mahal should be worries about the Lone Wolf.

That’s it for Money in the Bank 2017! What did you think of the show? Let us know in the comments and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for Raw!

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