Reason Nia Jax Is Working Comedy/Romance Angle with Enzo Amore

Reason Nia Jax Is Working Comedy/Romance Angle with Enzo Amore

As seen on Monday’s episode of RAW, WWE did a backstage segment with Enzo Amore being hit on by Nia Jax, where she used his line, “How you doin?!?” on the WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

Dave Meltzer discussed this angle in today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Radio and explained that this is going to be a comedy romance angle with the two that will play out on WWE television. Meltzer mentioned that the reason WWE is doing this angle is because they need something for Nia Jax to do, while the new talents that were brought up from NXT get over on the main roster.

Meltzer also added that it’s very possible that Nia Jax could be appearing on 205 Live in the coming weeks.


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  • Trav

    I really hate WWE sometimes

    • joegvo

      Poor TV show.

  • Mr. Sinister

    So glad I went to take a piss when this aired.

  • Mike

    ….at least she’s being used…..I guess that’s a plus, who knows?

  • Ruben Perez

    No better ideas for her? Why not make her a champ for a change? This program is stupid already.

    • ScottyPNR

      “The Zo train” is the dumbest shit ever. Worst than the village people files. And the horrific acting that comes with it make asuka champion. Then have nia jax attack her. Shes not very good but it would at least be interesting seeing that she’s 3 times her size.

  • Philip Manley

    They can do mixed tag team matches together and live happily ever after.

    • Jason Tkatch

      I don’t think they can – I don’t think Nia meets the weight restriction (and I’m not fat-shaming her – I think she’d be a certifiable badass if they would just book her right).

    • Possible

      No thanks. Didn’t care for it when it was Beth and santino, still don’t.

  • George DE ANIMAL

    Crap, when this segment was on it cut out half way through
    so i never saw this part with Nia! Too weird if you ask me, but
    this is wwe.

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