Mike Kanellis Comments on Not Being at Sunday's Survivor Series Event

Mike Kanellis Comments on Not Being at Sunday’s Survivor Series Event

Mike Kanellis, who hasn’t really been used on WWE television much since arriving to the company, commented on missing Sunday’s Survivor Series event on his Instagram account.

He wrote, Every PPV I’m not on, just means that I am being out worked and I have to work harder. I don’t blame anybody but myself for everything that happens to me. If I get what I want, it’s because I worked hard for it. If I don’t get what I want, then there’s only one solution: WORK HARDER! Bow your head and plow right through. #redemptiontour #poweroflove #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #survivorseries #sdlive #wwe @wwe”

You can check out his post below:


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  • Jeff Hart

    That’s because he doesn’t have a high ranking cousin in the company. at least he isn’t blaming someone else like many do.

  • mikeyglenister

    I think maybe going to NXT would do Mike the world of good. Going straight to Smackdown doesn’t seem to have played out too well for him. Which is a shame, I think the love gimmick really works, but with a loaded Smackdown roster there’s not been room to really make it sparkle.

  • Jason Tkatch

    At least he has the right attitude and isn’t contemplating quitting because things haven’t gone his way since joining WWE. I do agree dropping down to NXT might benefit him greatly, if for no other reason than character rehabilitation. That being said, unfortunately, everyone knew Mike was dead and buried within 5 minutes as soon as JBL said “He took Maria’s name.”

    • Chops_the_Clown

      I wouldn’t really look at him going to NXT as like dropping down seems like a lot of his friends are in NXT now lol

      • L. Knight

        John Cena could go to NXT and it wouldn’t be dropping down. NXT isn’t developmental anymore, it’s the third brand.

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