Ultimate Warrior's Brother Calls Out Dana Warrior for Being Fake

Ultimate Warrior’s Brother Calls Out Dana Warrior for Being Fake

An individual by the name of Jay Hellwig, who claims to be the brother of the Ultimate Warrior, took to Facebook to make several accusations about Warrior’s wife Dana.

Jay said that he spoke to Warrior before his death and the impression he got was that Dana was about to take the kids and leave Warrior before his passing because Warrior was out of money. He also explained why Warrior’s passing is the best thing to happen to her, among other things. Here is what he wrote:

“You know I’ve tried to post quite a few things since Jim’s death and for some reason she either blocked some or I don’t now they get erased but I know I talk to Jim a short time before his death in the impression I got was he was getting ready to be left by his wife and his kids because he was out of money if people only knew what a fake person this lady is fake fake fake fake fake and I don’t say that lightly. This is going to sound really crude but Jim passing away was the best thing that ever happened to Dana she called my mom 1015 times a day for the first couple days until she realize that the money was there since and not a word not a word if people really knew what type of person she is they would not give her the time a day she was going to leave him because he was broke I met her when she was 22 straight out of college she turned her back on her own mother for money. And now to see her stand up like she has something to say that’s worth listening too it’s pathetic it is pathetic like I said Jim dying was the best thing ever happened to her why do you think he went back to WWE so his wife wouldn’t leave him. People are going to believe what they want I had nothing against her until I talk to Jim did that last time they were at Disney World and they wouldn’t even slow down so he could keep up walking with them I could hear the hurt in his voice I believe in karma and I believe Dana you’re going to get what’s coming to you believe me I’m not trying to convince people that Jim was any kind of Saint he was controlling self-centered narcissist but he was my brother.”


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  • showoff

    Honestly I’d believe that

  • bossman

    I believe him…

  • Kaylyn Owens

    I believe it. That explains why it sounds like she’s acting every time she talks about what a wonderful person he was.

    • Possible

      I believe she’s got a couple of kids that are his that she needs to take care of and that he’s dead, I certainly believe that.

  • Uriel Randall

    I believe it. Some legends only come back when they have no money

  • Scott Gary Wojcik

    i believe it as well she looked phoney from the first time i saw her , and im a good judge of people by what i have seen and heard , reason for believing him , HE REALLY IS HIS BROTHER !!!!

  • David

    But no punctuation at all? But I believe it.

  • Malcolm

    To start off, Jay IS Warrior’s brother. He’s been mentioned as such everywhere and shared opinions on these matters for years — to say “claims to be the brother” is just bad writing.

    Everything he says here matches up with what other insiders have said, and what I personally assumed the reason was that Warrior ever went back to WWE in the first place. It obviously had to be something involving money problems, because Warrior wouldn’t have ever went back otherwise. And Dana’s strange posts on social media saying how WWE was trying to control her life and didn’t feel safe months after Warrior died (which quickly got deleted of course) all make sense now. WWE literally owns Dana now, along with her family and Warrior’s name.

    • Malcolm

      (had to break this comment into multiple parts)

      Over the years Warrior fought so hard to make his ‘brand’ his. And he succeeded at that, after many legal battles he earned the Warrior copyright and kept it for years. But if he was having terrible money problems, it makes total sense that he swallowed his pride for sake of his family, selling all his hard-earned rights back to WWE in the end — which is exactly what happened. WWE/Vince finally got what he wanted from Jim, capitalizing on their family problems to get the Warrior rights to sell merch etc. Such a tragic story any way you look at it, and WWE comes out looking like evil, opportunistic scumbags.

      • Malcolm

        As for WWE putting the nail in his coffin, who knows… it was a VERY strange
        coincidence given the timing of his death. Even the biggest skeptic has
        to be admit the timing was extremely bizarre. Although he certainly
        could’ve died from all of the stress and pressure in his personal life
        — which WWE made a lot worse. But we’ll never hear from Dana or her
        daughters about any of that now.

        • Omar

          Agreed with everything said. WWE blatantly owns that family now. If you ever go on Dana Warrior’s Twitter, it’s pretty disgusting to see it’s just total regurgitation of WWE’s marketing campaigns. Here’s the very first tweet I saw after a quick search from a month ago:

          “Dana Warrior kicks off Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Susan G. Komen by unleashing her own Warrior! *insert tasteless WWE video trying to shill Warrior’s image to promote another corrupt company that capitalizes off poor cancer victims* … @wwe #wwe”

          It’s so terribly sad to see her sell herself and family to the devil so blatantly like that. Even if Jay’s spot-on about everything with her being fake and greedy, nobody deserves to sell themselves to such an insane degree. This of course is the absolute ***last*** thing Warrior/Jim ever would’ve wanted for his family. And I’m sure Vince loves how he not only got the last laugh, but got his revenge with interest.

        • Vance

          It’s still weird to listen to that speech he gave on Raw, then realize he dropped dead the very next day. Cocaine and steroids are a terrible mix.

  • Vance

    Warrior was bat-shit crazy and was only put in the HoF because 3H convinced Warrior and Vinnie Mac to mend fences. Trips is the mediator between Vince and the old guys that hate him.

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