LA Knight is one of the top stars in WWE right now but there is no guarantee it will always last. Knight constantly gets cheered every week thanks to his promo skills and he has now revealed that WWE has given him freedom in his promos.

The Megastar became a big deal in WWE last year thanks to his insane charisma and solid promo skills, elevating him to the main event scene. After all, he did face Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel last year.

While speaking to POST Wrestling, LA Knight explained that WWE is more structured compared to other places he has worked. Throughout most of his career, he usually has a clear idea of his direction, with a roadmap in mind.

Knight knows how he will start, finish, and what he will talk about, but he doesn’t prepare a full speech. Before going out, he often tells someone that he isn’t sure what he will say but will figure it out together by improvising, which keeps things organic, real, and fresh. As long as he knows his direction and topic, he feels ready to go.


“It’s a little more structured in WWE than anywhere else I’ve ever been, but generally, I would say nine times out of 10 throughout most of my career, I have an idea where I’m going. I have a road map. I know how I’m going to start, I know how I’m going to finish, I know what I’m going to talk about, but I don’t have a whole speech laid out. One of the things that I would always say before I go out there is I’d probably look at somebody and be like, ‘I don’t know what I’m about to say, but we’re going to figure it out here all together,’ and that’s kind of how it’s worked for me. I think that keeps it organic, it keeps it real, it keeps it fresh, and really, again, as long as I know where I’m going and what I’m talking about, I’m ready to go.”

Regarding promos being less scripted in WWE now, Knight acknowledged that he has been given that freedom since his time in NXT. There, he would be given the time and outline for his promo, and he would fill in the middle, maintaining a balance between structure and spontaneity.

“Yeah, for sure. But I mean, I’ve been given that freedom in NXT. In NXT, it was the ability to say, ‘Here’s the time, here’s how I’m going to start, here’s how I’m going to end, I’ll fill in the middle.'”

LA Knight also got creative freedom for his tribute promo to Bray Wyatt last year. Regardless, Knight will continue to be a highlight of WWE television no matter what and that’s why fans hope he beats Logan Paul for the United States Championship, so we’ll have to see whether that will happen in the end.

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