Mercedes Moné has made an impact in AEW since joining the company. She is set for a match at Forbidden Door, but this wouldn’t have happened without her signing with AEW. Tony Khan is pleased with the deal, calling it one of the greatest acquisitions ever.

Mercedes Moné was Sasha Banks in WWE, and she almost returned there. There was a chance for a Boss n Hug Connection reunion. She signed with AEW, but this didn’t affect her friendships with WWE stars like Bayley and Naomi.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated, Tony Khan praised Mercedes Moné as one of the “most significant” free agent signings in pro wrestling history, especially for AEW. He was enthusiastic about the winner takes all match at Forbidden Door.

“We’ll also have the chance to hear from Mercedes Moné, who defends the TBS title at Forbidden Door against New Japan Strong champion Stephanie Vaquer in a title-for-title match. That is going to be incredible. Mercedes is one of the greatest free agent signings in pro wrestling history, one of the most significant signings ever in AEW history.”


At Forbidden Door, Mercedes Moné from AEW faced Stephanie Vaquer from NJPW in a Winner Takes All match. Both the AEW TBS Championship and the NJPW Strong Women’s Championship were on the line. The stakes were high as Moné and Vaquer, representing their respective promotions, clashed in a contest. Fans watched as each competitor displayed their skill and determination to secure both titles, making this match a key event in the wrestling calendar.

The NJPW Strong Women’s Title was created for Mone, but she was injured in the match where she was supposed to win it. Now, so much time later, it appears that Mercedes is ready to carry that title.

Do you think Mercedes Mone is walking out of Forbidden Door as a double champion? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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