The Hurt Business, consisting of Bobby Lashley, MVP, Cedric Alexander, and Shelton Benjamin, made a significant impact during their time in WWE, elevating the careers of all members and leaving a lasting impression on fans. Unfortunately, the group disbanded in 2021, much to the disappointment of their supporters. Recently, MVP has claimed that Triple H has refused to bring back the faction.

Even Roman Reigns felt that the faction was broken up too early. While there was brief attempt at reunion, it was ultimately short-lived, leaving fans with no expectation of a future return for the faction. Bobby Lashley previously said the breakup ‘hurt his heart.’ 

MVP recently took to his Instagram and uploaded a post featuring The Hurt Business when they were on top of WWE. This led to a ton of fans urging MVP to speak to Triple H about bringing the faction back. Shockingly enough, MVP claimed that he had already asked Triple H about bringing The Hurt Business back but Triple H refused his request.

 ”Triple H had the power to fix it. He chose not to. Go figure.


 Triple H said no.

We did. He said no.”

Shelton Benjamin isn’t in WWE anymore, so the chances of The Hurt Business reuniting are slim. Regardless, it is not known why Triple H refused to bring back the faction as they would have dominated the landscape had they come back.

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