Former WWE Champion Jeff Hardy has officially departed from All Elite Wrestling (AEW) after his contract expired in June, following a two-year stint with the company.

Hardy recently made surprise return to TNA Wrestling at Against All Odds, where he intervened to assist his brother, “Broken” Matt Hardy, against Moose and The System.

In the wake of his return to TNA Wrestling, Jeff Hardy has been removed from AEW’s roster page on their official website.

The former WWE Champion initially joined All Elite Wrestling in March 2022. However, few months after his debut, Hardy faced legal issues after being arrested for a DUI, resulting in an indefinite suspension from AEW.


Upon his return to AEW, Jeff and Matt Hardy were often featured in lower card roles and made regular appearances on AEW Rampage.

Jeff Hardy’s departure from All Elite Wrestling marks the end of a two-year chapter with the company, culminating in his surprise return to TNA Wrestling at Against All Odds. With his removal from AEW’s roster page, fans now await what’s next for the former WWE Champion as he embarks on his latest wrestling journey.

What impact do you think Jeff Hardy’s departure from AEW and return to TNA Wrestling will have on both promotions? Feel free to share your thoughts and predictions!

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