AEW star Dax Harwood recently announced that he would be sidelined for a few months due to a back injury sustained at AEW Dynasty. Despite his injury, Harwood kept it a secret and managed to wrestle in a match against the Blackpool Combat Club at AEW Collision.

Taking to social media, WCW legend Disco Inferno criticized Harwood for not disclosing his injury earlier, accusing him of undermining the safety narrative promoted by AEW.

“You just ruined your boss’s narrative that he will put their safety record up against anyone. If talent is working hurt and not telling the office, then it’s not a safe work environment. Bad look Dax.”

In response, Dax Harwood fired back with a strong rebuttal, taking a shot at Disco Inferno’s legacy and challenging him to a face-to-face discussion on his podcast.


“I know this is exactly what you’re looking for because you beg for relevancy that you only got by being a punching bag your whole career, but you’re a fucking idiot. If you ever worked hard enough during your little 15 minutes-of-fame career to ever feel any sort of pain, you’d know the anxiety that comes with injury to an athlete. So while you’re trying to turn this into a bit for your shitty podcast, I’m hoping & praying that I don’t have to go through an extensive surgery, or even worse.”

“For being someone who claims to be so smart to our business, you’d probably know wrestlers have worked hurt for decades. Also, I’m 100% sure some wrestlers in WWE are working hurt right now, but of course, you only decide to attack AEW…anything for the clicks.”

He also defended AEW’s safety record, stating, “If anything, this does not go against the ‘safe working environment’ that my boss promotes. It shows how dumb we as wrestlers are to hide this information from all the proper people put in place to keep us safe. How can this be anyone’s fault except mine? No one knew about the severity of my injury. And once I finally told Tony and Doc Sampson, they immediately MADE me take time off.”

Harwood concluded with an open invitation, “Maybe one day, I can be on your podcast, but only if we do it live and face to face. I’ll fly myself wherever I need to meet you. Open invitation. Anyways…off to an MRI. While you’ll be talking about this for a segment of your show, I’m hoping the doctors don’t find out anything worse about my condition. Good day, Glenn.”

Dax Harwood’s aggressive response to Disco Inferno’s comments highlights his commitment to defending AEW’s reputation and working environment. It remains to be seen if Disco Inferno will respond to Harwood’s challenge and comments. Ringside News will keep you updated.

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Ishaan Rathi

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