Rey Mysterio is revered veteran in the professional wrestling world, known for his undeniable influence on the industry. As a proud luchador, it’s fitting that he has a fondness for the film ‘Nacho Libre’.

“Nacho Libre” is a 2006 film featuring Jack Black in the role of Ignacio, a Catholic friar leading a double life as a luchador. This comedic portrayal may have served as the introduction to the world of Lucha Libre for some wrestling fans.

Rey Mysterio expressed his admiration for “Nacho Libre” during an interview on the Jaxxon Podcast. He praised the film and highlighted that the movie was based on a real priest from Mexico named Fray Tormenta. He emphasized Jack Black’s performance and made it clear he absolutely loves the movie.

“What a great movie. The movie was based on a real priest. There was a priest in Mexico. Nacho Libre was the shit. Jack Black was fucking awesome. That whole movie was based on a real character. A true story. There was a priest in Mexico, Fray Tormenta, that story was based on him. Obviously, they threw in the comedy. He has a church, he would help kids, and at night he would go wrestle.”


Rey Mysterio also named an unexpected opponent for his retirement match. Regardless, only time will tell what’s next in store for The Master of The 619 on Monday Night RAW, but his appreciation for Jack Black will remain forever.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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