Alexa Bliss was on the top of her game and was gearing up to reclaim the top spot in WWE last year until she decided to take a break from her in-ring duties. However, it was for the simple fact that she was expecting her child.

In November 2023, she and her husband, Ryan Cabrera welcomed their beautiful daughter, Hendrix into this world. Bliss often sporting dropping pictures and videos of her beloved child.

However, some fans began noticing Hendrix sporting a helmet on multiple occasions. Mommy Bliss, who recently was spotted with nose bandage, took to her X to address their questions. She revealed that her child was born with torticollis which has led to moderate to severe plagiocephaly. For the unversed, torticollis is a stiff neck condition that makes it hard or painful to turn your head. Plagiocephaly, on the other hand, is when a baby develops a flat spot on one side of the head or the whole back of the head.

Alexa Bliss later revealed that they have tried a lot of stretches and repositioning at home to help her daughter, but it did not work. So they have used a helmet that Hendrix needs to wear that would hopefully her to reposition to avoid any further issues while also seeking guidance from people who have faced similar situations.


“I keep seeing a lot of questions about Hendrix’s helmet – she was born with torticollis which caused her to have moderate to severe plagiocephaly. Despite trying to do lots of stretches & repositioning at home, it just didn’t work & now needs to wear the helmet. The helmet hopefully will help reposition so she doesn’t have any issues later on 🙂 anyone else with helmet babies have any tips? 🤍🤍🤍.”

Amidst spending time with her family, Alexa Bliss’ name has been linked with the ongoing QR code mystery, despite denying her involvement in the storyline. However, with her cryptic hints and maternity leave coming to an end soon, it seems that the return of the former Goddess to the WWE landscape is on the horizon.

What are your thoughts on Alexa Bliss’ opening about her daughter having the need to wear a helmet? Sound off in the comments!

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