Speculation surrounding Alexa Bliss’s appearance backstage during a recent episode of Monday Night Raw has been doused with skepticism by the superstar herself.

Following her hiatus from the WWE for over a year, fans have been curious about Bliss’s potential return, especially after her last match against Bianca Belair at WWE Royal Rumble on January 28, 2023. Bliss took time off following this match, with her absence being attributed to the birth of her first child with husband Ryan Cabrera, confirmed on November 27, 2023.

With WWE dropping hints about the reappearance of Uncle Howdy and his enigmatic new family, speculation has arisen about Bliss’s involvement. Previously entangled in storylines with Bray Wyatt, fans wondered if she might reprise her role, especially given the tragic passing of Wyatt the previous year. The Uncle Howdy storyline, now reportedly spearheaded by Rotunda’s brother Bo Dallas, has added fuel to this speculation.

Uncle Howdy’s gradual emergence, coupled with hints of assembling a group, has led to conjecture that Bliss might return as member. WWE has employed various tactics, from cryptic messages to QR code videos, to tantalize fans, stoking anticipation for Howdy’s faction. Despite this buildup, neither Howdy nor his supposed group have made a televised appearance thus far.


Nevertheless, during the May 27 episode of Raw, fans were convinced they caught a glimpse of Bliss backstage. The sighting occurred during a segment featuring Sheamus and Ludwig Kaiser, with Sheamus eventually venturing backstage. Amidst this backstage commotion, a blond woman wearing black and white attire resembling Bliss was spotted briefly. Despite WWE’s silence on the matter, many fans remain convinced of Bliss’s presence.

Responding to social media inquiries about her potential involvement in WWE’s QR code mystery, Bliss has remained coy, claiming ignorance of the situation. When questioned about her connection to Uncle Howdy and associates, she humorously evoked the Mariah Carey “I don’t know her” meme. Addressing a fan’s grainy image purportedly capturing her backstage, Bliss joked about her own physical condition, implying the figure was fitter than herself.

Despite Bliss’s attempts to downplay her presence backstage, skepticism lingers among fans. Whether or not the woman spotted was indeed Bliss, her denial might be strategic, preserving the surprise of her eventual return.

Official confirmation of Bliss’s comeback remains elusive, leaving fans to eagerly anticipate her potential role in WWE’s unfolding narrative. If she does join the ranks of the Uncle Howdy faction, it appears fans won’t have to wait much longer for her dramatic return.

What are your thoughts on the speculation surrounding Alexa Bliss’s potential return to WWE and her possible involvement in the Uncle Howdy storyline? How do you think her reappearance could impact the current narratives in WWE, especially with the hints of her joining the Uncle Howdy faction? Share your excitement and predictions for her return in the comment section below!

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