‘The First Lady of Women’s Wrestling’ Maria Kanellis, is known for her outspoken and confident contributions to the industry. However, it appears she has recently lost her spot on live television programming but shut down any controversy that could have been raised due to the same.

Last year, the ROH star revealed she underwent successful thyroid surgery. Despite the positive outcome, Maria Kanellis has faced ongoing health challenges over the past year, leading to her infrequent appearances on both Ring of Honor and its parent company, AEW.

Adding to her woes, Kanellis announced that her Twitter account had been hacked. In response to a user on the platform who noted her limited screen time, Maria candidly expressed her dissatisfaction but also desired to look for more opportunities.

This triggered a troll who believed that all Maria was doing was complaining over her limited role in ROH. But the former WWE superstar took to her X to shut them before any controversy caught fire regarding her comments.


“How is this a complaint? This is a conversation. Something happened, this is what I am doing. Period. No controversy. Just facts.”

With Maria Kanellis clarifying her statement, it remains to be seen whether ROH owner and AEW President Tony Khan will leverage her star power to enhance the brand in the future.

What are your thoughts on Maria Kanellis’ comments regarding her limited role in ROH? Did you think that she was complaining as she denied? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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