Mark Henry was renowned for his formidable strength in the ring, which earned him the title of the “World’s Strongest Man.” However, it was his temper backstage that kept other talent on edge.

The WWE Hall of Famer appeared on the recent episode of his podcast, “Six Feet Under with Mark Calaway,” hosted by The Undertaker. The Deadman fondly recalled how he and wrestling legend Owen Hart likely saved many WWE superstars from facing the wrath of Mark Henry at times.

“I’d be at home and my phone would ring, and it would be at night, and it would be Mark. I bet I’ve got 15 calls through the years with him ready to kill somebody, and somewhere way, way up the totem pole, and I’m like, ‘Mark, I understand, but you just take a deep breath.'”

The Undertaker referred to a notable incident in 2011 when former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon had Mark Henry wait alone in the ring for a post-show match. After several minutes with no action, Henry stormed backstage, feeling disrespected and threatening to quit. This incident initially intended as a joke, inspired McMahon to create the Hall of Pain persona, leading to Henry’s monumental World Heavyweight Championship win in 2011.


While The Phenom didn’t delve into specifics, he concluded by suggesting that many owe their well-being to himself and Owen Hart, hinting that being a good friend to Mark, he would often have to calm down Henry’s temperament.

The Undertaker also was recently credited for his role in the Bray Wyatt documentary. Moreover, legends like himself and Mark Henry are now content pursuing non-wrestling roles to shape the industry after their respective retirement from the ring.

What are your thoughts on The Undertaker and Owen Hart saving people from Mark Henry’s wrath? Sound off in the comments!

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