The anticipation within the National Wrestling Alliance is palpable as the NWA Women’s World Champion, Kylie Alexa, nears the culmination of her month-long title reign.

In a recent interview with Steve Fall for Ringside News, Jaxxy Yang, daughter of Jimmy Yang, discussed the potential for a future match against Kenzie Page, hinting at an imminent storyline between the two competitors. While addressing the prospect, Jazzy Yang revealed her upcoming bout against Kylie Alexa scheduled for June 15.

Expressing enthusiasm for a program with Kenzie, Jazzy acknowledged that the stars didn’t align for an immediate showdown between them. However, she hinted at the possibility of a future encounter, leaving fans eagerly awaiting their clash in the ring.

“I actually wrestle Kylie next week Saturday June 15th. I I wrestle her so hopefully that’ll lead to wrestling Kenzie. I’ve wrestled Kylie once before but it was like it it was a tag match with my dad so hopefully Kylie and then when I beat her I can go straight to Kenzie.”


As Jazzy Yang prepares to square off against her longtime rival, Kylie Alexa, on Saturday, the excitement mounts. While the action unfolds in Scotland, fans are advised to keep an eye on this thrilling matchup, as it promises to deliver unforgettable moments in the world of wrestling.

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Ishaan Rathi

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