Former WWE superstar Emma Diaz has recently opened up about her WWE career and the circumstances surrounding her departure from the company earlier this month.

Among the slew of talent releases, Diaz, who had been featured on WWE’s Roku show, WWE Next Gen, has now rebranded herself with a new ring name as she continues her wrestling journey.

Taking to Twitter, Emma Diaz unveiled her new ring name – Carolina Cruz. Cruz shared a new promo, giving fans a glimpse into her revamped persona, signaling that she’s not one to shy away from a challenge.

”My name is Carolina Cruz and this is my story. 🏎️🔥🏁 #WWENextGen #TheHavanaSavage”


In an exclusive interview with Ringside News, Diaz shed light on the reason behind her WWE release, citing a lack of creative direction for her character. Despite this hurdle, she remains resolute in her pursuit of success in the wrestling world.

“They gave me the reason that creative had nothing for me, which is, I think, what they tell everybody, you know, because at the end of the day, it is a show. And if creative has nothing for you and they don’t see you fitting into their show, then there’s really no reason for them to keep you on. Coach Bloom… I always had a really strong bond with Coach Bloom, even at my try out. He knows how hard I worked, and he knows that after that decision was made, I was going to go to the indies and continue to work super hard. And if this is meant for me, you know, like WWE will definitely come back around, and I’ll be able to showcase myself after I’ve found myself and become a better version of myself.”

“But yeah, I mean, I guess creative had nothing for me. And I would say I was getting good at all of the boxes, but I wasn’t great at one thing. And I think that that’s really important, you know, someone’s either really good in the ring or someone is just this extravagant character. You have to be over the top in this business. And I think that that’s something that I was struggling to find. But I’m starting to find my groove now, and I think that, you know, wrestling on the independents, I’ll definitely get a feel for what the crowd likes, what they don’t like. I’ll be confident, and I’ll find myself as a performer and as, you know, a character out there.”

It’s worth noting that Carolina Cruz is also in a relationship with NXT star Lexis King. Nevertheless, wrestling enthusiasts await with anticipation to witness Emma Diaz’s future endeavors.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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