Rey Mysterio is true veteran in the world of professional wrestling and has had many memorable feuds over the course of his long career, which includes The Big Show. With that said, he has now revealed the painful aftermath of one of the most infamous spots with The World’s Largest Athlete.

At WWE Backlash 2003, Rey Mysterio faced off against The Big Show in a memorable match. Despite Mysterio’s valiant efforts, he ultimately suffered defeat when The Big Show delivered a devastating chokeslam.

However, the brutality didn’t end there. Following the match, Mysterio found himself strapped to a stretcher, only to endure further punishment as The Big Show forcefully slammed the stretcher, along with Mysterio, into the ring post.

Reflecting on this harrowing moment in an interview with CBS Sports, Mysterio revealed the unexpected challenges they faced during the stunt. Despite thorough planning, both he and The Big Show miscalculated the potential risks involved. The weight of both Mysterio and the stretcher became a significant issue, even for the powerful Big Show.


“I remember we had gone over it and that was the plan. When I was strapped onto the stretcher, everything seemed cool. I said ‘How much can it hurt? The stretcher is hitting first and I’m attached to it, so I won’t feel it.’ Well, we never thought about what happens when you hit.

“There was no way Big Show could hit the pole and hold onto me. So that whole weight and the momentum, as soon as we hit, I went straight down. As I was strapped onto the stretcher, my head went ‘boop’ and I hit first. That hurt. That in itself hurt very much.”

Rey Mysterio also previously stated that The Big Show didn’t feel bad about hurting him. Regardless, Mysterio is still an active in-ring competitor and that is all that matters to him right now.

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