The American Nightmare has attained a respectable position in the wrestling industry now. With his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship win, the star has solidified his position on the top. However, things weren’t the same during his first run in the company. His Stardust gimmick turned out to be a total flop, leading to Rhodes staying as a mid-carder.

During a recent interview with Corey Graves ahead of WWE King & Queen of the Ring, Rhodes was asked about how his career trajectory changed from being Stardust to the American Nightmare

Getting candid about his Stardust character, Rhodes stated that he was never bound to be in the main event and was never bound to be considered as the number one guy as Stardust. He stated, that to become the face of the industry, he had to grow himself and his character, rather than being on the same position for long. 

“When you’re in the position I was in, and you’re not someone who’s desired, you’re undesirable, you’re not the first choice, you’re not number one on the call sheet – if the answer you’re finding to ‘Am I a future WWE Champion?’ is yes, then you have to bet on yourself.”


“I don’t think Stardust should be in the main event on any show ever anywhere on this planet, so I needed to find out what can I do to get better. If you’re the same as you were, that’s not a good thing, you’re not growing, and for me, I just was getting worse and finally made the call to go and get better.”

Cody Rhodes is set to face Logan Paul in a Champion vs Champion match at WWE King & Queen of the Ring. Ringside News has been doing a play-by-play coverage of the show. Stay connected to get the latest news, rumors, and spoilers revolving around the show. 

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