The May 24, 2024, episode of Friday Night SmackDown will continue the exciting storylines from last week. Fans are eager to see what happens next.

Today’s episode, airing at 8 PM Eastern Time on FOX, will be broadcast from the Jeddah Super Dome in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The show will be taped earlier at noon. Below are the ongoing spoiler results from the event.

WWE SmackDown (5/24) Spoilers:

Our commentators are Michael Cole and Corey Graves. We see Randy Orton arriving at the arena. The House of Bloodline makes their entrance at the venue.

Nia Jax makes her grand arrival at the arena. Bianca Belair also steps into the building.


Triple H declares that the victors of the King and Queen of the Ring tournaments will earn title opportunities at SummerSlam.

Queen of the Ring Semi-Finals: Bianca Belair vs. Nia Jax

They start with a lock-up, then Nia pushes Bianca into the corner and slams her face down. Nia throws Bianca around the ring, but Bianca counters with a chokehold. Nia frees herself by ramming Bianca into the turnbuckles. Bianca dodges a move and flips over Nia, then lands some shoulder tackles. Bianca taunts Nia, then sends her crashing into the turnbuckle from the apron and climbs to the top rope.

Bianca hits Nia with some forearms, but Nia grabs her by the hair and throws her down. Nia misses a shoulder charge and hits the ring post. Bianca takes advantage and jumps on Nia from outside the ring.

The action heats up as we head into a commercial break.

We return from the break to find Nia locking Bianca in a reverse chin lock and delivering a headbutt. Nia removes Bianca’s crown from her braid and dons it herself. Bianca fights back with jumping kicks, but Nia stops her with another headbutt. Nia applies a Stretch Muffler, but Bianca counters with a sunset flip attempt. Although Nia remains standing, she misses a seated splash, allowing Bianca a near fall with a rollup.

Nia hits a Samoan drop for another near fall, then sends Bianca into the corner, but misses a splash. Bianca capitalizes by hitting a crossbody from the top rope for a near fall. However, Bianca injures her knee in the process, struggling to stand. Despite Nia’s assault on her injured leg, Bianca fights back with forearms. Nia targets the injured leg with a kick and a leg drop.

As Nia sets up for the Bonsai Drop, Bianca counters with a forearm to the back. Attempting her finisher, the KOD, Bianca struggles due to her injured leg. Nia seizes the opportunity, driving Bianca’s knee into the mat and hyper-extending it. Despite Bianca’s resistance, Nia executes the Bonsai Drop from the turnbuckles for the three-count.

Winner: Nia Jax

Kayla Braxton interviews Nia in the ring, congratulating her on the win. Nia dismisses Kayla and addresses Lyra, boasting about defeating Bianca Belair just like she did Becky Lynch and Rhea Ripley. She confidently declares her intention to defeat Lyra and become Queen and Champion after SummerSlam, starting with their match tomorrow. Meanwhile, medical staff tend to Bianca’s injured leg.

In the backstage area, Austin Theory and Grayson Waller engage in conversation.

As the tension builds, we head into a commercial break.

Grayson Waller Effect

It’s time for the Grayson Waller Effect, featuring Grayson Waller and Austin Theory as co-hosts for tonight’s championship edition. Waller kicks off the show, welcoming everyone, with Theory praising Waller as a megastar and one of the most talented and entertaining superstars on SmackDown.

Carmelo Hayes interrupts, making his presence known and adding his own flair to the conversation. He thanks them for the introduction, adding that they missed a couple of important details about him being a first-round draft pick and the hottest new superstar on SmackDown.

Theory playfully ribs Hayes about his absence from SmackDown, but Hayes quickly shifts focus, emphasizing the importance of unity among the newer talents and the need to prove themselves against the veterans. They criticize veterans like Bobby Lashley and LA Knight for their egotistical behavior.

As they discuss LA Knight, they mock him with a barrage of “YEAHs.” Hayes suggests leaving Knight in the back and allowing the real megastars to take the spotlight.

Unexpectedly, LA Knight storms into the ring, tossing furniture aside and demanding to be heard. He warns them that if they keep knocking on his door, he’ll come after them with full force.

After a heated exchange, Knight exits the ring, only to be attacked by Hayes. A brawl ensues, with Hayes, Theory, and Waller ganging up on Knight until Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford rush to Knight’s aid, putting a stop to the chaos.

As tensions reach a boiling point, we cut to a commercial break.

LA Knight, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins versus Carmelo Hayes, Grayson Waller, and Austin Theory

Ford and Hayes kick things off, locking up with each other. They exchange wrist locks, each attempting reversals until Ford manages to execute a takedown. Ford shows off his agility with a flip over Hayes in the corner followed by a dropkick. Dawkins tags in and delivers a double sledge off the turnbuckles. Hayes retaliates with a side headlock, but Dawkins sends him face-first into the mat.

Knight and Theory enter the fray, exchanging punches and kicks. Waller joins in with a forearm, followed by Theory’s elbow and Knight’s kick and clothesline combo. Dawkins re-enters the match, showcasing his athleticism with a corkscrew back elbow and a twisting splash in the corner, followed by an enzuigiri. However, Dawkins misses a subsequent twisting splash, allowing Hayes to capitalize with a kick, while Theory delivers a slingshot rolling dropkick. Waller adds to the assault with a clothesline on the outside, leading us to a commercial break.

As we return, Dawkins unleashes a flurry of forearms on Hayes, but Hayes prevents Dawkins from making the tag. Despite Hayes’s counterattack with a forearm, Dawkins catches him off the ropes and executes a back drop. Waller tags in, with Theory knocking Knight off the apron. Waller lands punches on Dawkins, but his attempt off the turnbuckles is met with a punch from Dawkins.

Knight pulls Theory to the floor and delivers a clothesline. Knight then tags in and continues the assault on Waller, delivering kicks in the corner and a clothesline to Hayes on the apron. Knight follows up with a running hip into the corner and a dropkick through the ropes to Theory. He mocks Waller before hitting a slingshot shoulder tackle, followed by a power slam and a leaping elbow drop for a near fall.

Hayes prevents Knight from executing his finishing move, but Ford intervenes with an enzuigiri to Hayes. Theory takes care of Knight, who retaliates with his BFT finisher on Waller, only for Hayes to break up the pin. Knight then delivers a running shoulder to Hayes over the announce table.

Ford gets the tag and hits his Seven Star Frog Splash for the three-count.

Winners: LA Knight, Angelo Dawkins, and Montez Ford

We recap highlights from the Kickoff event, including the moment when Logan Paul handed Michael Cole his brass knuckles.

Cody Rhodes is seen walking backstage, where he pauses to shake hands with Randy Orton in a brief yet cordial exchange. As Cody continues on his way, we cut to a commercial break.

We return from the break with footage announcing SummerSlam 2026, set to take place in Minneapolis on August 1st and 2nd, building anticipation for the monumental event.

In the backstage area, Tama Tonga is seen with Paul Heyman standing behind him, hinting at potential developments or alliances.

Meanwhile, Cody Rhodes makes his entrance, heading towards the ring, likely with something important on his mind.

Before Cody can address the audience in Jeddah, he’s abruptly interrupted by Logan Paul. Logan wastes no time in taunting Cody, accusing him of being played and asserting his intention to walk out of their upcoming match with both titles. Logan boasts about his intelligence, athleticism, and entertainment prowess, claiming superiority over Cody in every aspect. He assures Cody that he won’t resort to cheap tactics to secure victory.

Cody responds by suggesting that Logan’s bravado might be a facade for his own insecurities, referring to Logan’s fear of being perceived as a fraud in WWE. Despite acknowledging Logan’s talent, Cody implies that Logan might suffer from Imposter syndrome, questioning his authenticity.

The tension escalates as Cody challenges Logan to prove his integrity by allowing a security check for foreign objects. Ryan Tran conducts the search, starting with Cody, who is cleared. However, when Ryan checks Logan, he discovers contraband.

Logan attempts to deflect blame, claiming the items belong to his brother, but Cody remains skeptical. Logan demands security escort Cody out, insisting that this discovery changes nothing regarding their impending match.

Nia instructs Bayley to ensure the title remains safe until SummerSlam.

Meanwhile, Angelo Dawkins, Montez Ford, and B Fab join Kayla, expressing their satisfaction with their recent victory. Dawkins highlights their win over the champions.

Suddenly, Ciampa and Gargano make their presence known, stating their intentions to claim the titles. Ciampa boldly declares that they’ll go through Ford and Dawkins to achieve their goal, symbolically pouring out Montez’s drink as a sign of their determination.

Bayley vs. Chelsea Green in a Non Title Match

Chelsea strikes Bayley with a powerful punch, driving her into the turnbuckles. However, Chelsea finds herself on the apron, where Green delivers a punch followed by a missile dropkick, nearly securing the victory. Bayley retaliates with a jawbreaker, but Green pulls her onto the apron and lands a boot to the head.

As the action heats up, we head into a commercial break.

We return from commercial to see Bayley gaining momentum with a series of clotheslines and a belly-to-back suplex. Attempting a cutter in the ropes, Bayley is thwarted by Green’s push. Chelsea counters with a slam followed by a Rough Ryder for a near fall. Bayley responds with a powerbomb and finishes off Green with the Rose Plant for the three-count.

Winner: Bayley

After the match, Piper Niven surprises Bayley with a splash, but Bayley fights back with forearms. Piper retaliates with a Bossman Slam followed by two back sentons. As Piper starts to leave the ring, she decides to deliver a third back senton for good measure.

In another setting, Nick Aldis is in his office when AJ Styles enters. AJ reflects on their recent match, acknowledging his desire for another opportunity to challenge for the title. Despite AJ’s plea, Nick, while expressing personal admiration, insists that AJ must earn another chance professionally, and regrettably declines.

AJ expresses frustration and urgency, but Nick regrets being unable to assist him further, expressing his apologies.

We delve into Andrade’s story as he reflects on his heritage as a third-generation luchador. He asserts that wrestling runs through his veins and that he’s not merely here to showcase his Mexican roots but to fulfill his destiny. Despite facing constant judgment and criticism, Andrade refuses to let others define his path, emphasizing his control over his own destiny. He confidently declares his identity and ambitions, determined to prove himself to the world.

Meanwhile, tensions rise as Humberto expresses his disdain for Andrade, while Angel suggests that Andrade could be of assistance. Santos urges them to let go of past grievances and consider their options.

As the narrative unfolds, we revisit the thrilling quarterfinal matches from last week’s Smackdown, showcasing the intense competition and drama on display.

Paul Heyman informs Solo that Tanga Loa couldn’t make it across the border, highlighting the difficulties they face with customs clearance. He expresses concern about recruiting dangerous individuals into the Bloodline, to which Solo acknowledges his awareness. Paul explains that they haven’t recruited such individuals in the past due to these challenges.

Solo asserts his authority in Roman’s absence, instructing Paul to resolve any issues that arise. Tama Tonga directs a piercing stare at Paul before stating that he was recruited precisely because of his dangerous nature. He declares his return to the Bloodline under the orders of the Tribal Chief.

Gunther sits amongst the crowd, quietly observing as he awaits the revelation of his opponent for tomorrow night’s match.

Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill are set to defend the Women’s Tag Titles against Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell on tomorrow’s Kickoff Show, which kicks off at 11 AM.

Randy Orton vs.Tama Tonga (wtih Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa) in a King of the Ring Tournament Semifinal Match

Tama launches a series of strikes at Orton, backing him into the corner with relentless forearms and headbutts. Orton retaliates with a kick followed by a fallaway slam. Seizing the advantage, Orton targets Tama’s shoulder, repeatedly sending him into the ring post. He continues with a barrage of European uppercuts and punches from the turnbuckles before sending Tama to the floor, crashing into the announce table.

Returning from the break, Tama focuses his assault on Orton’s leg, attempting a frog splash which Orton narrowly avoids. Orton sets up for his signature IEDDT, but Tama counters with a single leg sweep and a leg drop targeting the injured limb. Tama applies crossfaces and a sleeper hold, keeping Orton grounded and attempting to wear him down. Orton struggles to escape but eventually manages to power out, delivering a back drop to break free from the hold.

Regaining momentum, Orton unleashes a flurry of offense with two clotheslines followed by a well-timed power slam, turning the tide of the match in his favor.

Orton attempts the IEDDT on Tama, but Tama counters and sends Orton over the top rope to the floor. In desperation, Orton resorts to a thumb to the eye and executes a back drop driver onto the announce table. Spotting a second table nearby, Orton decides to incorporate it into the action before they return to the ring.

Orton gains control, locking Tama in a front face lock and delivering the IEDDT. With Tama down, Orton looks around the arena before executing his signature twist to the mat, followed by the RKO push-ups. However, Solo’s interference disrupts the match, allowing Tama to escape an RKO and Orton to inadvertently strike Solo. Tama capitalizes with a roll-up for a near fall, but Orton rebounds with a decisive RKO for the victory.

Winner: Randy Orton (advances to Finals)

Following the match, Orton and Gunther share a tense stare-down. Solo takes advantage of the distraction, attacking Orton with a Samoan Spike and delivering a kick before making his exit. Kevin Owens rushes to Orton’s aid, attacking Solo and attempting a stunner, but Solo manages to evade Owens and escape the ring as the show concludes.

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