Kelly Kelly’s tenure in WWE not only defied stereotypes with her in-ring prowess, but she also set new fashion standards with her iconic looks. However, one instance saw Kelly getting a pair of special wrestling boots from one of the most talented female WWE stars, the late Ashley Massaro.

In recent interview with former WWE correspondent McKenzie Mitchell, the former WWE Divas Champion reminisced about some of her most memorable ring gear moments.

When asked if she ever had to borrow part of her ring gear from someone else, Kelly Kelly recalled a touching gesture from her former colleague, Ashley Massaro, who once lent her a pair of wrestling boots and let her keep them which she wore each week to wrestle for a long time. Moreover, Kelly also revealed that she had kept them safe to this day.

“I talk about Ashley a lot because I love her and I miss her dearly. There was a match where I didn’t have wrestling boots, and she gave me her black Puma wrestling boots. She let me keep them, and I wrestled in them every week, for a long time. I still have them to this day. It was just so cool of her. She was like, ‘Hey, girl, I got these.”


Kelly Kelly further added that the Puma boots were exceptionally comfortable which led to her wearing them each week for an extended time.

“They weren’t like regular wrestling boots. I loved that about them. They were just lace-up boots but so great to wrestle in because I didn’t want those big, chunky wrestling boots. I never thought they were cute. I needed to be able to move, you know? So, those boots, I still have them to this day.”

Ashley Massaro joined WWE in 2005 and was a regular presence until she requested her release in 2008 to care for her ailing daughter. She tragically passed away in May 2019, leaving behind a legacy that is fondly remembered by her peers and fans alike.

Kelly Kelly, on the other hand, has made sporadic appearances for WWE in recent years, including competing in the inaugural Women’s Royal Rumble and the Evolution PPV in 2018 and even voiced her desire for comeback. Regardless of that, her time with the promotion remains cherished by the esteemed fans.

What are your thoughts on Ashley Massaro letting Kelly Kelly keep her Puma wrestling boots? Does it come as a sweet surprise that Kelly preserved them to this date? Sound off in the comments!

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