Ivar and Erik made a significant impact upon their arrival in WWE. Their journey from NXT to the main roster showcased their prowess, but it also brought about a contentious issue—the abandonment of their cherished “War Machine” moniker.

During their tenure in NXT, Ivar and Erik, formerly known as War Machine, then War Raiders, solidified their reputation through their hard-hitting style and seamless teamwork. However, their rebranding as “The Viking Experience” and subsequently as “The Viking Raiders” upon transitioning to the main roster drew criticism from fans.

The preference for the “War Machine” name was evident among fans, who believed it better encapsulated the duo’s ferocious and intense persona. Shedding light on the reason behind the name change, Ivar disclosed during an interview with Chris Van Vliet on Insight that Triple H had informed them about the name conflict.

The term “War Machine” was associated with an MMA fighter, Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver, who is serving a life sentence for a heinous crime. Triple H expressed concerns about children potentially encountering distressing content when searching for the name online.


“We knew coming into NXT that our names would change. Namely because ROH named us War Machine, there was an MMA fighter who got into a lot of trouble for lots of things. So he had the conversation with Triple H I can’t have kids googling that.”

Both Ivar and Erik are currently sidelined due to injuries, leaving their return timeline uncertain. As their future hangs in the balance, only time will reveal the trajectory of their partnership.

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