CM Punk departed WWE back in 2014 to pursue a career in MMA, signing with the ultimate fighting giant of combat sports, UFC. Despite losing both of his UFC fights, his second defeat was overturned to a no-contest due to his opponent, Mike Jackson, failing a drug test for marijuana.

Following that, Punk then had a tumultuous tenure in AEW that began in 2021, which culminated in his release in September 2023 and finally led to his surprising return to WWE at Survivor Series 2023 in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois.

During an appearance on WWE’s The Bump, WWE Hall of Famer JBL reflected on his failed run in the mixed martial arts world. JBL stated that he had massive praise for CM Punk’s tenure in UFC admiring his courage to step inside the octagon.

Furthermore, he then spoke about the thunderous reception to his shocking WWE return but was disappointed to see him get hurt right after, missing out on his plans to main event WrestleMania this year.


“CM Punk, I got to wrestle him a lot when he came in. I liked him then, and I like him now, and I’m glad he’s back. I’m proud of his journey. I thought his journey was awesome. I saw him for the first time last year in Vegas, and I pulled him aside. I said, I’m really proud of what you did in MMA. That took a lot of guts to stop doing something that you’re best in the world at, and go do something completely different, and put all that effort that he did into that. I mean, that was ballsy. I was really proud of him for doing that. I thought it was wonderful, what he did. Then to come back and the crowd’s going crazy, I hate that he got hurt right when he comes back, but I’ve always liked CM Punk, and I think he’s deserving of everything that he’s done. He’s worked his butt off for a lot of things.” 

Not only that, CM Punk also marked his return to WWE 2K video game after a decade that was mocked by his arch-rival, Drew McIntyre. Moreover, with both men going back and forth against each other for months, a highly anticipated showdown between them is imminent once CM Punk fully recovers from his triceps injury.

What are your thoughts on JBL praising CM Punk for his courage to join UFC after his first WWE run ended? Sound off in the comments!

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