WWE found itself embroiled in a scandal when Vince McMahon and other key figures were implicated in sex trafficking lawsuit. Janel Grant, a former WWE staff member, filed the lawsuit on January 25th, accusing WWE, John Laurinaitis, and McMahon of sexual assault, emotional abuse, and sex trafficking incidents dating back to March 2019. These serious allegations have severely tarnished McMahon’s reputation and prompted scrutiny of WWE’s workplace culture. McMahon subsequently stepped down from his role in TKO Holdings, highlighting the gravity of the allegations.

Despite McMahon’s departure, WWE has continued to move forward, seemingly unfazed by the controversy surrounding its former leader. Paul Walter Hauser recently shared his candid thoughts on the matter during an interview with Steve Fall for Ringside News.

Hauser did not hold back in criticizing Vince McMahon’s tenure with WWE, citing specific instances that he found particularly egregious. He pointed out the tasteless angle involving Charlotte Flair talking about her brother, as well as missed opportunities with wrestlers like Damien Sandow, who had the support of the WWE Universe but never received the push he deserved.

“Let’s just call it what it is: Vince McMahon dropped the ball in Creative 7,000 times,” Paul Walter Hauser said. “Yes, having Charlotte talk about her brother in that angle from 7-8 years ago, not pushing Damien Sandow when the entire WWE Universe was behind him and every manner of abbreviated storylines, cut-offs, firings, and humiliation tactics.”


Reflecting on WWE’s current state, Hauser expressed his relief at McMahon’s departure and optimism about the company’s future.

“I’m glad he’s gone, and I think where they are now is as healthy and exciting as it’s been in a very long time. Both the creative team and the guys and gals in the ring—the sky’s the limit if they put in the work.”

While WWE has effectively moved on from Vince McMahon amidst the trafficking lawsuit, they did join McMahon in filing motion to compel arbitration in the lawsuit. Regardless, McMahon’s departure appears to be permanent, and Paul Walter Hauser is optimistic about the new era in WWE.

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