Rowan University has found itself entangled in the latest WWE mystery.

During Monday’s WWE Raw, a mysterious QR code appeared, guiding fans to a quiz filled with additional clues and puzzles. Among these clues was a set of coordinates pointing directly to Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey.

This intriguing development has sparked speculation about a potential WWE visit to the university. Adding to the excitement, Rowan University responded to the puzzle on social media, tweeting, “@WWE are you planning to visit campus??” along with a screenshot of the puzzle clue.

The timing of this mystery aligns perfectly with Rowan University’s centennial celebrations, marking a significant milestone in its history.


While the university’s stance on caged pets on campus remains undisclosed, this WWE puzzle might unlock more than just the mysteries related to the wrestling storyline. Fans and students alike are eagerly waiting to see if WWE’s mysterious QR code will lead to a special event or visit at Rowan University.

What do you think about WWE’s use of real-life locations in their storylines? Share your thoughts and predictions in the comments section below!

Steve Carrier

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