With TKO Group Holdings now serving as the umbrella for both WWE and UFC, the idea of crossover matchups has become a hot topic.

During recent appearance on the Battleground Podcast, WWE Superstar Austin Theory expressed his interest in facing UFC fighters, specifically challenging Conor McGregor to a potential handicap match that would also feature his partner, Grayson Waller.

“Wow, man. Is it Conor McGregor? Is that who we want? Is that who wants to step up to Austin Theory, the undefeated Tag Team Champion? I mean, maybe Conor is so tough. Maybe he just wants to fight both the Tag Team Champions. So maybe he has a handicap match because, his ego, because me and Grayson Waller, we don’t have egos.

We’re very set straight. We work hard. We’re champions. We show up to work, only if we’re not busy. So, Conor McGregor, maybe that’s the crossover, but really any of the UFC guys, I mean, that’d be pretty cool to see. Watching those punches go from that to up on my shoulders into an A-Town Down. You’re not ready for that, but I’m down. I’m excited. Why not?”


Recently, Conor McGregor mentioned that WWE has not shown any interest in him. Despite this, he has made it clear that he has no plans for a full retirement and that nothing will stop him short of death. McGregor’s commitment to his fighting career remains strong, and fans are eager to see what the future holds for the notorious fighter.

The prospect of a crossover match involving WWE and UFC talents like Austin Theory and Conor McGregor is bound to generate buzz among fans. Such a matchup would blend the worlds of professional wrestling and mixed martial arts, offering a unique spectacle.

What are your thoughts on Austin Theory’s challenge to Conor McGregor? Would you like to see a WWE-UFC crossover match? Share your opinions and excitement in the comments section below!

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