Jinder Mahal’s recent departure from WWE came as a surprise to many, especially considering his previous reign as WWE Champion in 2017 and his recent resurgence in the spotlight at the start of 2024.

Fans were left questioning WWE’s decision, particularly given Jinder Mahal’s relevance in international markets and his potential to contribute to the company’s diverse roster as ‘The Modern Day Maharaja.’

Moreover, Mahal recently expressed his desire for change in character, revealing his aspiration to explore a babyface persona, something he didn’t have the opportunity to do during his time in WWE.

According to a recent report by Fightful Select, Jinder Mahal is expected to pursue opportunities on the independent circuit, with several top promotions expressing interest in booking him for future events.


Multiple promotions such as GCW, Black Label Pro, and AIW have publicly shown interest in acquiring his services, while opportunities overseas and in Canada also await. Furthermore, with his former allies, the Bollywood Boyz, now known as the Singhs, already making waves in the indies, Mahal’s potential impact in these circuits is expected to be undeniable.

“Another WWE release is expected to get a heavy independent schedule, if they so want it. Numerous top independent companies plan on reaching out to Jinder Mahal for independent bookings, Fightful Select is told. GCW hasn’t exactly made it a secret that they’re interested, and Black Label Pro and AIW have both posted interest publicly. Fightful is also told that there is interest both overseas and Canada, and the fact that the Bollywood Boyz (aka the Singhs) are prominently featured on the indies won’t exactly hurt the matter.”

With so much reported interest in signing Jinder Mahal across various promotions, we will have to wait and see the former WWE Champion’s next move following his exit from the global juggernaut.

What are your thoughts on speculated interest for Jinder Mahal across the independent circuit? Sound off in the comments!

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