Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay are considered two of the best in the pro wrestling business. The two finally faced off against each other for the second time at Wrestle Kingdom 17, where Omega was triumphant and Will Ospreay returned the favor during the Forbidden Door pay-per-view. With that said, Omega has now brutally buried Will Ospreay in a scathing rant.

Will Ospreay recently revealed why he will never respect and like Kenny Omega as a person, making it clear Omega always looked down on him despite all he has accomplished.

While speaking on his Twitch stream, Kenny Omega stated that while Will Ospreay may possess skill, he can never reach Omega’s level. Omega addressed Ospreay’s insulting remarks, suggesting they were easy to make when Omega is dealing with his own issues.

”He’s pretty good, but he never will be me. Here’s the thing, that guy[Will Ospreay] goes around talking a lot of mean s*** about yours truly, well that’s easy to do when I’m down and out.”


Omega criticized Ospreay’s self-proclaimed title of “The King of Japan,” labeling it as delusional self-promotion. Omega questioned Ospreay’s popularity, contrasting it with his own widespread appeal and merchandise sales. He challenged Ospreay’s match quality and cited his own memorable bouts against top talents like Naito, Ibushi, and Tanahashi, among others. He also stated that no one in Japan even remembers him and that Omega drew more money than Ospreay ever did there.

”Let’s try to compare apples and apples. This dude, he has the gaul to go out of the world to call him The King of Japan. According to who? It’s to himself, this guy is delusional, what a manic. People like you, the 500-600 fans who would still come to Korakuen Hall I’m sure they adored you. More people would come to see me, buying my goods, I was appearing on TV more. Who rememebrs any of your f***** matches, Will? You wanna compare apples and apples now? Who’s got the better matches against Naito, Ibushi, Tanahashi, all these mother******. We’re talking about the major playings bringing in the bling bling, ching ching, that’s yours truly. You never made a dime for the company. They never forgot me but I wouldn’t be surprised if they already forgot you, Will.”

It is to be noted that Kenny Omega recently stated that he will be undergoing surgery for diveticulitis, so it will be a long time until he and Will Ospreay square off against each other, if it even happens.

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