Dustin Rhodes is not only one of the most respected and talented in-ring veterans in the wrestling world but also a big family man. In moments of despair, he decided to voice support for his daughter, Dakota Runnels who suffered a heartbreaking incident recently.

The Natural One took to his X to announce that Dakota, who had a beloved horse by the name of Nero as her pet passed away in an unfortunate accident today after getting struck by lighting.

Sensing his daughter’s plea and the Rhodes family’s immense love for their pets, Dustin Rhodes requested the fans to send prayers for her daughter, Dakota Runnels following the tragedy.

Guys, please send some prayers to my angel @DakotaRunnels22 She lost her horse today struck by lighting. Send her lots of love. #Nero


On his professional front, Dustin Rhodes continues to remain a prime and veteran fixture for Tony Khan’s AEW promotion and recently dismissed demands for him to exit the Jacksonville-based company.

As Dustin Rhodes continues to mesmerize the audience with his in-ring performances and elevate the competition in AEW, he proves himself to be a true family man being there for his daughter as she continues to recover from the tragic incident.

What are your thoughts on Dustin Rhodes’ daughter losing her beloved horse? Sound off in the comments!

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